An atheist falls in love with a married devout woman who has forsaken materialistic life.

An atheist falls in love with a married devout woman who has forsaken materialistic life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jake Z (jp) wrote: It's brilliant, it's essential viewing, it's a documentary lovers dream (or awful nightmare, really), and I will never, ever, ever, watch this again. And that's rare for me.

Sumit B (ca) wrote: A documentary showing the journey of six people taking the bar exams. Quite interesting! The celebrity lawyer interviews were pretty good!

Huw G (jp) wrote: Not brilliant, but too intriguing to dismiss or ignore. Wants to be some sort of middle-class, modern-day cautionary fairytale, but won't be pigeonholed. Definitely frustrating and disappointing at times, but so well observed that you quickly find yourself forgetting those moments and becoming engrossed again.

Nadia V (ca) wrote: Boulversant ! Une telle injustice, c'est rvoltant. Et le pire, c'est de savoir qu'en ralit rien n'a chang; c'est juste ... diffrent !

Rachel W (jp) wrote: Khadak was by far one of my favorite films at the Sundance Film Festival. Breathtaking cinematography (filmed entirely in Mongolia in the dead of winter), a moving storyline, and a focus on poignant issues all contribute to this film's emotional clout. Would I call this film something that everyone will enjoy? Certainly not - its more surreal/metaphysical moments regarding shamanistic folklore might leave summer blockbuster fans greatly puzzled with jaws agape. Knowing a little bit about the culture of the nomadic Mongolian people helps immeasurably in coming to understand this film. ---Not that you have to head to a library to enjoy yourself. If you're looking for a visual treat, turn to Khadak. If you're looking for fantastic acting (considering many of those featured were nonactors or had never acted for a feature film before), Khadak has it. The soundtrack, too, must be mentioned, as it is amazingly haunting, featuring the unforgettable music of the Mongolian folk-rock band, Altan Urag. Overall, Khadak is a testament to the amazing potentiality for beauty to exist in film.

Pebbles P (ag) wrote: Great film. Kevin Spacey did an outstanding job. The casting was fantastic. Kevin Spacey did the singing himself which was pleasantly surprising. I'm not a fan of Kate Bosworth, but she did a great job in this film. It told Bobby Darin's story from Kevin Spacey's perspective and if Sandra Dee praises it, who on earth am I to say anything bad about it? It was funny, touching and entertaining.

Joshua L (es) wrote: I didnt find this movie interesting at all, i mean ya it had a couple of laffs but i cared about nothing and no 1 in this film. Its not bad but its not great either.

Vincent T (au) wrote: Du tres bon Jackie. Toujours aussi agreable.

Jake M (es) wrote: Where do I begin with this film? It's such a beautiful film! The interactions the animals have with each other, the struggles that come their way, and the lessons they learn all play out perfectly in this family film. It knows when to pull on your heartstrings at the right times and it goes to show that live action animal movies can be great if they're done right. This movie makes me cry more as an adult and it's just an all around great family film!

Scott D (gb) wrote: I wanted more elaborate gun fights

Glennie M (de) wrote: Stupid fun! I saw this when it opened at the movies (what year was that?!!), and we laughed our arses off. I catch it whenever I can on tv, such a cult movie in my household! I never did understand the village idiot, where he found that fish....

ers (nl) wrote: godard dan bilimkurgu filmi,1965 yap?m?..alphaville diye bir lke/?ehir/evren var filmde,orada alpha 60 diye bir bilgisayar yard?m?yla her?ey ynetilior,profesr von braun nderliginde,onun k?z? war natasha,i?te ona a??k oluor bizim gizli ajan lemmy caution,filmin sonunda k?z? al?p gidior oradan,ve alphavilledaki insanlar ar?zaya geciordu vs,en son kad?n yasak kelimlerden ve duygulardan olan bii?iler slor arabada giderlerken,"ben seni sewiyorum" dior... kusurabkmas?n godard,hi begenmedim :)

Ashleigh S (ca) wrote: George Murphy shines next to Shirley while she taps, but this was made during her cutsy/annoying years.

yiting x (jp) wrote: love the song endless love..want to see it

Amanda D (kr) wrote: This has a really interesting story for a romance. Too bad Gwenyth Paltrow and Aaron Eckhart have absolutely zero on-screen chemistry.