Johan details the director's quest for an actor to play his titular lover, the real deal having been incarcerated just prior to shooting on charges of petty theft.

Johan details the director's quest for an actor to play his titular lover, the real deal having been incarcerated just prior to shooting on charges of petty theft. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James C (ag) wrote: A very dark morbid and slow moving movie. I found it hard to get through when feeling sick and having seen another film just before it. We somehow feel sorry for the misunderstood Okrasa. It reminds me a bit of The Hunchback of Notre Dame - people of a Gothic inclination might find this movie enthralling. On seconds thoughts its not a bad movie, just hard to weather if you are not in the mood.

John A (es) wrote: Green-screen overload! This movie gave me the video game made into a movie feeling, a goof movie. If you ever sat thru a SciFi Original flick, this is just right for you.

uoya g (ca) wrote: original and extremely funny

Christopher H (fr) wrote: Despite a few exciting fight sequences, this is a film that gets boring really quickly and can't exactly get the viewer to truly care for what's happening on screen.

Casey L (mx) wrote: HILLARIOUSLY FUNNY, But so sick!

Logan M (ru) wrote: Giving Best Picture to "Goodfellas" would have been gift wrapping cinema's top prize.

Caro L (nl) wrote: Very interesting. Entertaining. A good movie to relax and watch people stabbing each other in the back.

Eli B (nl) wrote: This film sucked so bad I started to enjoy it!

Jason K (ag) wrote: Solid cast, solid story, solid cinematography= solid film

Alan W (ag) wrote: The war experiences of a hero named Audie Murphy

Rick R (ru) wrote: Charlie Chan in Egypt (1935)This is the second in the Charlie Chan franchise, and there is a certain amount of the science of modern X-Ray technology involved in the solution of the crime. This is great movie as it features 17 years old Rita Hayworth (who was using her real name Cansino at the time) playing an exotic servant, Nayda. It goes a little low-brow with Stepin Fetchit, well, and Warner Oland's "Yellow Face" routines, but if you let that slide, it's still a fun little movie.Taking advantage of the craze of The Mummy (1932), this mystery is about catching a thief of Egyptian relics, and covering up a murder with a mummy's curse. But, Inspector Chan was brought in by the French Archeological Society to look into things and he's on the case.

Galvy F (kr) wrote: When we see America's past time through the eyes of those whom could see before we were born, to see this sport is in our family. When what we see is passed down to us a moment where we could see much more then a game but all of life. When we see the world in a way baseball is played we take all the best aspects about it and see through the eyes of all passionate fans that want to see their home town team win. When we see we are as passionate about our team then anything else we wee, we see a really nice guy whom could one day see us this way. When we see just about everything to know from the past, present and future of a team to see we have just began seeing a team. When we see we have other life's, which we like to come back to see somethings that connects us to what we like seeing, we enjoy how much this game does for us on and off the field. When we see that we have large hurdles, big green monsters to overcome, we see can get through things when we make an effort to make somethings work. When we see somethings are conflicting with one another when life makes us see we can keep seeing life this way, we change. When what makes us see the game is love for everything about ever since we were introduced to it as a kid. When we never let go if the kid even when we grow up, when it reminds us of happier times we wished to see all the time. When we see money, friends, work is no object for going to every game to see our team. When we see we been through a lot to see it all come to end when we see this is going nowhere when we see that what rekindles our passion once again is seeing someone else just like us feel the same way too to give us that boost when the odds are against us to lift us up and see we are in the company of greats when we win the 2 love of our life's the world series & our wife. When we see we can have it both, to break the mysterious curse in why we can't find that special someone we have been dieing to see all these years. When we see all the great moments to share it with good company, our love, and those we keep inside of us as see ourselves grow our family larger.

Johnny F (es) wrote: One of Steven Spielberg's greatest films.

Stephen E (br) wrote: "Sunday Bloody Sunday" probably was a lot more groundbreaking back at the start of the 1970s due its themes of homosexuality and bisexuality, but because of how commonplace the topics are in today's society, it doesn't nearly feel as important. The performances from Peter Finch and Glenda Jackson are understated and magnetic, but they're really all that the film is worth watching for. More should have been done with the film's mature themes; instead, they're used simply to progress the plot.