Johan Falk: Leo Gaut

Johan Falk: Leo Gaut

A car explodes outside a primary school where GSI's Chief Patrick Agrell has just left his children.The event reconnects Johan Falk to Leo Gaut, a former criminal restaurant owner Johan put behind bars a decade ago.

In the parking lot near school, a car-trap explodes. Johan Falk is on the trail which leads him to a man from his past, who served 8 years in prison for murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Johan Falk: Leo Gaut torrent reviews

Garry A (nl) wrote: They should have invented a new 'Best Supporting Garment' for that dress. God damn.

Brian B (de) wrote: i wanted to like this given the cast, but it was awful! One of the few movies I shut off before it was over.

Logan M (jp) wrote: Set in a different location and time period than most action comedies, but other than that, it's not really anything special.

Andre D (au) wrote: U have to be in that lifestyle to fully understand the life and times of a real true playa

Adam P (jp) wrote: I'm probably the only one whose ever seen this...

Russell H (ru) wrote: Gay, even for a Christmas movie

nori ann e (ag) wrote: Good movie. Romantic. One of my favorite classic movies. And I wish to see this movie again, all over again.

Angela H (ag) wrote: This film was very well written and properly cast. However, I wouldn't recommend it for small children.

Jonas L (br) wrote: Bttre n samtliga svenska gangsterrullar jag sett, vilka inte r s mnga.

Vincent P (it) wrote: Better than most disaster movies.

Bpbby Y (fr) wrote: wow wow wow. This is a genius. It's a KUNG FU PANDA. A KUNG FU PANDA. Who doesn't like Kung? Who doesn't like fu? Who doesn't like pandas? If you're 5 you can watch this if your 90 you can watch this; 11/10. Would watch on 20-hour loop.

Alex S (de) wrote: Entertaining cheesy action thriller with Burt Reynolds, not in his usual style although he stills has the cool car.

Graydon B (fr) wrote: Probably the BEST Indiana Jones film, and my personal favorite! Good, memorable, fun adventure film!

Jeff A (br) wrote: Pure flop-sweat and a complete disaster from the first scene to the last and shows that no one's heart went into making this (not Barry Sonnenfeld's, Will Smith's, Kevin Kline's, Salma Hayek's, no one) and why you never ever squander/waste a big-budget on any film if your script stinks or really stick with the fun source material (the problem with today's Hollywood) question, one of the all-time worst films based off any excellent TV series!