Johan Falk: National Target

Johan Falk: National Target

Frank Wagner goes deeper undercover to infiltrate Europe's most dangerous Mafia, the Russian-est, consisting of ex - KGB officers.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Swedish,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:police,   revenge,   car chase,  

Frank Wagner goes deeper undercover to infiltrate Europe's most dangerous Mafia, the Russian-est, consisting of ex - KGB officers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark H (nl) wrote: 4 1/2 out of 5. A very powerful film and one of the best of recent months. The director spent 10 years researching child soldiers in the Congo and although brutal at times, finds lyrical beauty in dire circumstances. The opening scene has the 12 year old girl forced to choose between killing her parents with a machine gun or watch them hacked to death by machete. Strong stuff for those who can bear it. With very moving performances from non-professional actors, I was haunted for days by the images and emotions they evoke. Kim Nguyen is a writer-director to watch in the future on the way to world class status. This film swept the Canadian Oscars and should have won the American Foreign Oscar over "Amour."

Petra M (br) wrote: Topla, ljudska pri?a o razli?itostima, naizgled nespojivom i, u kona?nici- oprostu.

Mike D (mx) wrote: One of the most inspiring stories to come out of the U.S.'s involvement in Afghanistan is without a doubt the harrowing rescue attempt to save Marcus Luttrell and his team of Navy SEALs in the mountainous terrain following a botched mission to take out a Taliban leader in 2005. In 'Lone Survivor,' Peter Berg works with an A-list cast to portray the ordeal - and the heroism of all those involved.One of 'Survivor's greatest strengths is its cast. Led by Mark Wahlberg (Luttrell), the actors who portray the SEALs do a great job of bringing to life the men who paid the ultimate price as part of their service to our country. Taylor Kitsch (Michael Murphy), Emile Hirsch (Danny Dietz) and Ben Foster (Matt Axelson) all give it their all throughout the film. Aside from the acting, 'Survivor' is put together very well. As to be expected in any war-themed movie, there is plenty of hard to watch action to go around, but it is filmed in a gritty, authentic way that does not disrespect those who lost their lives, and shows the enemies for who they really are.Perhaps the best aspect of 'Survivor' is the amount of emphasis placed on brotherhood and friendship. Not only are the four SEALs shown to be incredibly close, but we get to see the generosity of an Afghan father and his son who help protect Luttrell as the U.S. military races to rescue him. The fact that these are true events makes the film that much better.With all the negativity out there in a lot of movies nowadays, it's great to see courage and bravery showcased in such a strong way in 'Lone Survivor,' and the film's success should lead to future efforts that seek to do the same.

Stephanie S (nl) wrote: Devastating. Everyone must see this film.

Orchid C (ag) wrote: That film made me sick from the first minute on. A sad world we live in^^

Angela W (ca) wrote: lousy story, 4 stars for hyde x gackt (+ leehom) <3

Aerielle B (ag) wrote: I absolutely love this movie. ITs one of my favorite!!!

Michael W (us) wrote: One of McQueen's last movies. McQueen is a legend of an actor, and I loved watching him cast one of his best performance. McQueen's brilliantly plays the character Tom Horn an old school bounty hunter who is hired to clean out a western cattle town. Horn's ways of doing business is dated, and the cattle industry finds a way to take care of their embarrassment. One of the better stories for a western, which asks lots of questions. There is not a happy ending with this film, but makes one wonder how they took care of things in the old days. 3.5 stars

Brian Daniel L (us) wrote: visual stunning, great act and art

Tom M (ru) wrote: David Lynch starts here: one of the few oddest films I have ever seen (and that is saying a fair bit!). There is a poetry in the madness; and who is mad really when the dwarves take over the correctional institute? Stark, spindly score from Florian Fricke.

Sameh S (nl) wrote: , : " ...", , ... (C) . ... ... ...! , ... (C) (R) (C)!I had said to her,"'Peace be with you,"'and she'd receivedthat peace on her knees.What wonder, that one can givewhat one doesn't possess.!Oh, miracle of our empty hands.!

David R (fr) wrote: The opening scenes are so ludicrous it's hard to keep watching. The massive gunfight in the pressurised aircraft the miraculously undamaged 747 (despite sliding off runway and hitting a plethora of airfield objects) followed by the shortest takeoff in history only a helicopter could hope to match. Dribble dribble dribble

Matt R (mx) wrote: Creepy and jarring with a fun splash of classic 80's movie gore.

John D (ag) wrote: Well done acting. Script was probably as good as it could be, given how imbued Williams life of stardom was with infidelities, alcoholism and existential nihilism. If you have illusions about the simplicity and innocence of the US 1950's era - apart from the bad treatment of minorities - this is a good way to dash them. A better strategy for the fil-makers would be to focus on the music and the creative process and minimize the train wreck of a personal life.