When Johannes pulls over to help a young woman in a broken down car he sets in motion a series of hilarious events.

When Johannes pulls over to help a young woman in a broken down car he sets in motion a series of hilarious events. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Iris L (ru) wrote: Another winner from Zhang Yimou, with beautiful new actress - Zhou Dongyu

Nicki M (es) wrote: Good portrayal of a year in the life of a typical suburban Australian family as they deal with the aftermath of the mother's aneurysm. The husband does seem a little too young for her and doesn't quite convince, and there's something not quite right here, but on the whole, pretty good.

Yuri B (kr) wrote: Laugh outloud funny!

Angie S (jp) wrote: Bier's first english-speaking film. I thought Barry and Del Toro gave impeccable performances.

Enrique Z (it) wrote: algunas historias estan muy buenas

Jeff B (de) wrote: Much hokier than I remembered. Gere and Ryder have no chemistry. (A very good retake on Love Story)

Brandon M (jp) wrote: Wow the hate this film is getting. Its a good action movie.

Corpse M (br) wrote: you either like darkman or hate it. overalll the whole trilogy in my opinion was pretty good. i love the old school way of making special effects with claymation or other lil' tricks. This last installment to the trilogy thankfuly stayed true the darkman style although lacked any really good action scenes. im happy that they however did not wreck the trilogy and ended on a good note. i'm sure eventually darkman will be remade and hopefuly succesfully. Still better than any spider man movie i'd say,

Robert C (gb) wrote: midnight snack entertainment

Bianca M (fr) wrote: this movie is the epitome of simplicity at its best.

Trevor H (us) wrote: An enjoyable comedic drama featuring a sumptuous list of actors who carry off a murder mystery in style. It's easy to see how several of the characters leapt into Fellowes' script for Downton Abbey. I particularly enjoyed the fact that Altman steered well clear of devoting the film to detection, choosing instead to develop the characters. Excellent.

Jason M (kr) wrote: Stylish, physical, involving Shakespeare adaptation of one of his more difficult plays.

Giovanni C (es) wrote: I honestly didn't think the movie was that bad. I love the comic. However, the prologue was unnecessary. Although I do understand why they did it. That reason (I believe) was to try and get the viewers to like Bat Girl, and try to make them bond with her so they would want Batman to succeed even more. Why? Because he paralyzed this character we are supposed to like. However, it didn't deliver on the promises it made. It's also a shame that the last thing that Mark Hamill did as the joker, was a mediocre film... at best. 3.7/5