John Carter

John Carter

John Carter is a war-weary, former military captain who's inexplicably transported to the mysterious and exotic planet of Barsoom (Mars) and reluctantly becomes embroiled in an epic conflict. It's a world on the brink of collapse, and Carter rediscovers his humanity when he realizes the survival of Barsoom and its people rests in his hands.

War-weary, former military captain John Carter is "asked" by the Army to join, but he refuses so he is locked up. He escapes, and is pursued. When Carter touches a dandellion, he inexplicably transported to Mars. In a world on the brink of collapse, Carter rediscovers his humanity when he realizes that the survival of Barsoom and its people rests in his hands. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kelli B (br) wrote: Deliciously naughty but a bit hit & miss.

Meshawn L (nl) wrote: No Charlyne with a Y, you are not interesting and trendy and quirky or nerd chic no matter how badly you yearn to be. You're 23 going on 12. Writing songs about how your fictionalized boyfriend smells like Christmas is not appealing, cute, or funny. Unless you have a high tolerance for Indie whimsy, I'd say stay away from this irritating and ultimately meaningless pseudo documentary. NOTE: I did like Cera in this. And yes, he plays the same dorky, nervous 15-year old over and over again, but hey. His delivery is pretty good. He made me laugh! Gotta give him that.

Shelley G (ru) wrote: Outstanding acting! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

Dave J (mx) wrote: Beautifully photographed in some lovely locations, sensitively acted, thoughtful and intelligent, but oppressively solemn and humourless. My personal history gives me some knowledge of the broad themes of Fugitive Pieces - recovery from trauma, depression - but the film didn't seem to me to have anything fresh or insightful to say on those subjects. Despite a fine performance by Stephen Dillane, the central character Jakob remained self-absorbed and hard to like, and watching Jakob mope through a privileged later life became wearing. Fugitive Pieces looks lovely and has been made with great care; there are occasional undeniably touching scene and several fine supporting performances. However, it takes too long to tell us that childhood traumas can leave you badly messed up, although meeting the right person will help. I think I knew that.

Anthony M (us) wrote: Sara was in my unit, center photo on the cover. Sara is one of the biggest cowards I have met. He attempted to reenlist after our Iraq deployment, but was denied because of his cowardice acts while deployed. And then he started bashing the Marine Corps. He talks about how bad it was, but he actually did nothing while he was deployed to Iraq.

Nathalie D (kr) wrote: The reality of the mother/daughter relationship in this film made me cringe. Kind of reminds me of "Dead Man Walking" from a Protestant feminine perspective. Definitely a gem of a Christian film that doesn't shy away from gritty topics...drug abuse, rape, etc. Favorite lines: "Don't you come bringing those old lies into the House of God!" "How can it be the House of God when hypocrites like you live here?!"

Ben S (de) wrote: Even though it was made in 2001 it looks more like a film from the 90's because it looks quite low budget however the cast is quite good and it is quite tense with fairly good action so it is still worth a watch.

Aaron M (ca) wrote: Veldig bra! Morsom og typisk Tyensk

Tom H (es) wrote: Good 80`s Eastwood movie. Clint is tracking a serial killer in the sexual underworld of New Orleans only to find out that he has a lot in common with the killer. Soon a game of cat and mouse ensues as he is being watched by the assailant. Clint`s shady lovers turn up dead one at a time. Now he fears that he might be a suspect. Interesting, gritty and suspenseful film!

Miles S (ag) wrote: interesting mainly to see Bla Tarr's evolution as a filmmaker, and to see how he uses color. Other than that, this film really has little value (although there is an interesting shot from beneath the floor with two grown men fighting/wrestling on it).

William W (br) wrote: ?0.5?????????????????????????????????????????!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????(????????)??????????

Nelson P (de) wrote: It was a simple but effective story with some neat twists along the way and pretty good suspense here and there, too. I think it's a very underrated film noir.

JT K (ag) wrote: Hostel meets The Happening, as tourists run afoul of, well..(Spoiler: it's killer vines). Given the story, The Ruins is not a ridiculous as it could have been. Some queasy moments here and there, but in a more visceral way (lots of battlefield surgery) than genuine suspense. Not as obnoxious as it could have been, but not as effective as it should be (by all accounts, the book is a tense read)

Tor M (ru) wrote: Sacha Baron Cohen's latest addition to his series of mocking. This time there is the typical, British football fan that gets attacked. Nobby and Sebastian are brothers. Nobby is living in a small town, spending his life drinking at pubs while raising his kids. He's poor and in very bad shape. Sebastian is some sort of agent and when they reunite after years of absence they hook up as a team. The world is in danger and as you may guess there are not always the professional agent that deals with all the bad guys.Funny at times, and the "shock value" is not to nasty. I tire of the penis and nasty sex stuff that's never any fun at all, otherwise the jokes are quite fun. One of his better efforts lately - miles better than "Bruno", slightly better than "The Dictator". Works best if combined with a few beers.5.5 out of 10 rockets.