John Tucker Must Die

John Tucker Must Die

After discovering they are all dating the same same guy, three popular students from different cliques band together for revenge, so they enlist the help of a new gal in town and conspire to break the jerk's heart, while destroying his reputation.

John Tucker is the big man on campus at his high school, he';s the captain and star player of the basketball team, he';s got money, he';s good-looking and charming, and he can have any girl he wants. However, the latter attribute is about to get him in serious trouble when three different girls at his school, Heather, Beth and Carrie, discover they';ve all been dating John at the same time. Three ex-girlfriends of a serial cheater set up their former lover to fall for the new girl in town so they can watch him get his heart broken. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Derek (fr) wrote: For all the originality of the use of animation blended with documentary footage, I came away feeling like the import of the events wasn't quite conveyed.

Brian D (ca) wrote: Got a copy on dvd while i was in holland.What a great slasher flick it was.Took me back to those 80's flicks that i grew up on.Gory SFX and never took itself serourly a great 90 mins or so.

George B (gb) wrote: Talking about a bad movie. Bad story, bad acting and same old cliche. The only good part is that thank god the Asian guy didn't get a second chance.

Matthew M (ca) wrote: The Rock's best performance by far. Even though it is a tad cliched, Gridiron Gang is a true story of second chances and redemption. Highly worth watching.

mike f (kr) wrote: :rotten: Just watched Dwight Yoakhams South of Heaven, West of hell - or what the hell!! Despite having seasoned actors such as Luke Askew, Vince Vaughan, Bridget Fonda, Peter Fonda etc. They fail to prop up poor old Dwight who is about as convincing a hero as is Saddam working for Unicef. Poor plot, very hammy and I was left dumbfounded how any film in this day and age could be so crap. The shootouts reminded me of kids in a playground. Dwight - stick to singing!:rotten:

Brandon E (ag) wrote: Very interesting documentary on grass, funny yet very informative.

Keara E (it) wrote: The first segment, taken from actual audio clips of people talking about animals in British zoos, couldn't be funnier. Seeing zoo animals vocalize the stupid things that we humans say is priceless. Then the part about Hell....let's be honest, we always knew the devil was French.

Nick T (nl) wrote: Tis and Bums? Tits and Bums? Anyone for more Tits and Bums?

Mark H (ru) wrote: quite a scary war story

Robert K (fr) wrote: Ray Harryhausen effects highlight this sci-adventure about three nineteenth century travelers who take a trip to the moon and encounter an ant like race and centipede monsters. Lionel Jeffries is the well meaning professor, Edward Judd the con man assistant and Martha Hyer the accidental passenger. Charming, my good man, but ultimately not worth missing high tea.

Rick R (de) wrote: Assault on a Queen (1966)This is one of those typical mens adventures that you would find in a pulp fiction magazine. The screenplay for this was done by none other than Rod Serling from a novel by Jack Finney who's famous for writing Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Good Neighbor Sam. It was directed by Jack Donohue who had directed Frank Sinatra in his earlier television shows.Sinatra plays Mark Brittain, a down-on-his-luck fishing boat captain, along the same lines as Bogart in his movie, "To Have and Have Not". Yes, he even has a black, alcholic side-kick, Linc Langley (Errol John).Then, Vic Rossiter (Anthony Franciosa), Eric Lauffnauer (Alf Kjellin) and Rosa Luccesi (Virna Lisi) show up and offer him a job diving for sunken treasure. Mark doesn't find any ancient ship wrecks, but he does find a sunken U-Boat. Eric used to captain a U-Boat during the war and has this idea of raising the boat.They miraculously raise the sub, take off 20 years barnacles and rust, and get it running again, not with the idea of selling it to a maritime museum for a bucket of cash, but to use it to rob the Queen Mary.Mark isn't very interested in getting into the piracy game, but he is attracted to Rosa's long legs and beautiful face. Admittedly, this is what keeps us watching this slow moving caper movie too. Rosa seems to be attracted to Mark, but we don't know if it's just to keep dragging him into this caper or not.There's more holes in this story than in a sea sponge, but we just feel compelled to ride it out and see what happens. Anthony Franciosa is great as the evil Vic Rossiter who can't seem to stop admiring other people's jewels.

Daniel M (jp) wrote: From the get go it was very hard for me to get into this movie. I thought the story was so dumb and very hard to believe that there can be a world where humans can not have any feelings. Such a dumb idea. Bale had some great action scenes, but that's it. I couldn't finish the movie either. 1/5

Muffin M (au) wrote: Mark (Jim Carrey) has just one thing on his mind: going all the way. But while his girlfriend keeps telling him he has to wait, he meets a beautiful vampire countess (Lauren Hutton) who's ready for action! Mark's just happy to get past second base...but after a one-night stand with the sexy seductress, Mark starts behaving more than a little batty and realizes he must find a way to break his lover's fiendish spell...or be prepared to work the graveyard shift forever! also stars Karen Hopkins, Cleavon Little, Thomas Balladore, Skip Lackey, Jeb Stuart Adams, Dan Barrows and Stuart Charno.directed by Howard Storm.

Al K (fr) wrote: Omg, so emotional, watch it.

Sabrena P (br) wrote: Despite all the negative reviews, I actually really enjoyed this movie! Is it the best movie ever? Well no, but it set out what it was aiming to do: to be a funny and entertaining movie. This is very much a "love it or hate it" type of movie and I'm on the love it side! Keep up the good work Steve Carell!

CGF M (gb) wrote: Though the animation and CGI seem very dated, Ice age gives an adventure for the full family from its emotional moments to its laugh out-loud moments, this by far will remain the best, and works up to be just as good as all other animated features.

Sion P (nl) wrote: This film is the original Aladdin film but cut in half. The production quality took a dive understandably due to this being the pilot for the TV show and the film did feel very rushed. Everyone reprising their roles did a fine job and Robin Williams not returning as the genie didn't really hinder it too much. The best thing about the film was its story of Jago which could have done really well if it was taken more seriously as a film like the original.