John Wayne: Western Hero - 20 Movie Collection

John Wayne: Western Hero - 20 Movie Collection


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  • Release:2013
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John Wayne: Western Hero - 20 Movie Collection torrent reviews

Austin W (kr) wrote: A father and son movie that should be full of life, except this film there just was no life in any characters (except maybe Alfred and Nightwing, just a little). I know Batman and Damien like to hide their feelings and like to brood, but there are many moments in the comics where their love for each other is shown. Batman and Damien have really no connection in this movie. The art is ok, but i would prefer if they didn't use the same art style for every movie since Flashpoint, Its nice to mix it up like they did before Flashpoint.

Monjit B (es) wrote: Too much explanation at the end . Could have avoided that.

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Rika R (nl) wrote: A refreshing, unique love story full of charm, humor, and endearing performances.

Natasha M (mx) wrote: Kept me guessing who was on the other end. Disappointed in the ending though. Confused with title.

Jeff F (it) wrote: What was I thinking? I kept watching thinking it couldn't get worse, but it did. AWFUL!

Sarah (ag) wrote: This movie was not really good but it wasnt really bad either. Brent Gorski and Eli Kransky had great chemistry and worked very well together. Both gave good emotional preformances. Melissa Searing played an interesting character. I wish there had been more about her. Also I feel like in the end her part of the story was just kind of dropped. I wish they had explored it more. Jay Brannan I actually found quite childishly annoying. He kinda bothered me, or at least his character did. Not sure which it was. Story was alright, nothing too insightful or original but not mindlessly boring either. So basically it all balanced out to be an okay movie.

Dave J (nl) wrote: Monday, November 28, 2011 (2007) Tooth And Nail SCIENCE- FICTION/ HORROR Straight-to-rental from "8 Movies To Die For" with a ridiculous post- apocalypse idea, taken from "Mad Max 2" aka "The Road Warrior" when a lack of gasoline resulted in the earth destroying itself motivating a small group of survivors fending for themselves, barricading themselves in an abandoned hospital and then the cannibals show up! In order for me to enjoy this, I had to use my fast- forward button on some of the parts since it's neither scary nor it is original but was saved by the last 10 minutes of pure female retribution! 2.5 out of 4

Kent P (ag) wrote: It wasn't a bad movie. Was suspenseful and visually OK. The story really gets kind of wierd towards to the end. I also think the film being dubbed takes away from the acting as the emotion seems faked. I always prefer subtitles to being done over in another language.

brett l (fr) wrote: Rob Zombie's worst film to date.

john g (nl) wrote: Maybe I need to watch again but I thought this was a bot shit

Kevin R (br) wrote: He turned his back on himself Joe and Frank Roberts are brothers that went separate directions in life. Joe is a straight and narrow law officer with a beautiful family, white house with a picket fence, and a little farm out back. Frank is a wild child that loves nature, booze, and wild women. Joe eventually talks Frank into returning home after the death of his mother to settle down. When Frank gets married, his wife becomes pregnant, and it looks like he is about to settle down, something snaps and Franks life is about to flip upside down. "He's a likable son of a bitch." Sean Penn, director of The Crossing Guard, The Pledge, and Into the Wild, delivers Indian Runner. The storyline for this picture is marvelous and ran parallel to my family situation. I found the characters fascinating and well presented. The cast delivered compelling performances and includes Viggo Mortensen, David Morse, Valerie Golino, Charles Bronson, Patricia Arquette, and Dennis Hopper. "This is where you were a little boy." This film grabbed my attention based on its marvelous cast. I swear this film is about my brother and I. There is generally an eccentric character in most families and this picture depicts that person perfectly. I loved the interactions between brothers and Viggo was awesome in this role. This is definitely worth your time and worth adding to your DVD collection. "That woman has a beard." Grade: A

tom l (ag) wrote: jackie is dubbed over...serious kung fu not his patented humour

Scott S (us) wrote: Such a funny satire on your typical "perfect heist" films. the comedy in this film is spot on which lead me laughing constantly throughout the film.

Private U (mx) wrote: Claudette Colbert plus a Billy Wilder script. I love this film. It's hard to find, but worth looking for.

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