Johnny Angel

Johnny Angel

George Raft plays a sailor who sets out to solve his father's mysterious death.

Johnny Angel sets out to learn who hijacked a gold shipment from his father's ship and killed his father, the captain. He is joined in the search by Paulette, whose own father has been ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andreas S (es) wrote: TOP Action Film. Nur zu empfehlen.

Marty H (de) wrote: Affleck and Jackson perform fairly well despite a lousy script. Jackson's ridiculous acts of revenge are justified by his maniacal, alcoholic nature, Affleck's are performed out of pure stupidity. The relationships between Jackson and his wife, kids,and his sponsor are all so forced and unbelievable that it degrades what the movie was trying to accomplish. Affleck's relationship with his mistress was supposed to add to his depression and confusion with his situation with the file and his career. Amanda Peet failed in her attempt with a cameo to hone in on that point. She read her lines to Affleck like a drone making Affleck cry and all of us viewers as well. There is lots of good Samuel L Jackson screaming and ranting so if your a fan of that, then check this out. I would say this is one of Ben Affleck's lousiest movies, so don't bother with Changing Lanes if that is what you are seeking.

Lester Y (us) wrote: "The butt is a mirror to a man's soul" --some whore in this movie. This is art.Being one of the first foreign films I've ever downloaded, I got a pretty crappy subtitle pack for this. It's anime fansub levels of useless. It looks like some guy typed the Italian he THOUGHT he was hearing through Google Translate and to REALLY fool everyone who's dumb enough to follow the plot, even added some random Spanish in there. Really, I know "puta" is not English.Cheeky is an improvement over All Ladies Do It. It has a way hotter female lead. It had a story so thin you could barely notice it, which, let's face it, detracts from all the extreme butt shots and various other naughty bits. It's racier, but it comes with a price: now there's cock.Tinto Brass is a legitimately talented filmmaker. A sort of an Italy's (and butt aficionado's) Russ Meyer, he turns lemons into scintillating lemonade when it comes to his actors' shortcomings. His photography is pure gold. This guy REALLY loves ass. It's as filthy as mainstream movies can get, but it still has a classy, artistic feel to it and the only thing that seems to feel exploited here are the butt lovers themselves, who will happily eat all this up. It never takes itself seriously but is also able to laugh at itself, and the story and the sense of humor are all very tongue-in-cheek.Pun very, very much intended.

Jeff B (us) wrote: Good film from Krzysztof Kieslowski about a man who buys a movie camera to document the birth of his daughter but instead becomes obsessed with filming things. It's an interesting approach, especially when in the hands of Kieslowski and it's certainly well done. I particularly loved the scene when the neighbor watches the footage of his mother. This film made me think of that great quote from Day for Night: "I could leave a man for a film but never a film for a man."

Tyler J (ca) wrote: The kills deliver the goods but where is the plot?

Tom H (es) wrote: Interesting transitional pic straddles the 1960's sci-fi spectacle with '70s distaster spectacle.

Andres B (it) wrote: Great first film of a trilogy. Takezo (Toshiro Mifune), who has has not yet acquired that famous warrior name of the movie's title. Is a hothead and a brute. Yes he is strong in ways: he can face and successfully defeat dozens of soldiers at a time, he has the strength of Joseph in that he can reject the advances of eager sexually hungry women; but Takezo also rushes into things and is quick to get into fights, and he lacks the brushes of subtlety and etiquette. Takezo is also noble and loyal. Many times he is attacked by the very people he tries to help. As the movie opens, Takezo and his friend Matahachi (Rentaro Mikuni, who also played Miyamoto in a film that competed with this one at the Japanese box office) are in a small village talking about how they can become great warriors.Matahachi wants to leave the small village to become a warrior, but firsts he tests his girlfriend to see if she will be loyal.... she passes the test, much to Matahachi's satisfaction... but Matahachi himself isn't loyal.I don't think its that he planned to be disloyal so much as that he overestimated his ability to be loyal. Sure, what Matahachi does is wrong but at the beginning of the story Matahachi finds it impossible to ever be disloyal to his girl, only to be proven wrong by his fallen nature.Matahachi ends up marrying another woman who Takezo had pushed off of himself. The monk Takuan who is Takezo's mentor has very unorthodox and entertaining teaching methods, hoping to tame his student's heart and in this way, not only make him a better person, but a better fighter.The state of Takezo at the end of this first film how Star Wars would have ended if there had been no death star and Luke had reached Alderaan to finish his training.This is quite a good movie, and any fan of asian cinema should check it out. Very good, not cliche ridden like many other asian films.

Mark A (au) wrote: There are two kinds of really, really bad zombie movies:Those with NO Danny Trejo...And those with SI, MUY! Danny Trejo.Or as much Danny Trejo as the "producer/writer/director" could afford to hire, which seems to be roughly a half-day's worth in this case.Too inadvertently cheesy to qualify as the worst ever in its sub-genre, this grindhouse wannabe also boasts: absolutely no acting or directorial values; an unedited, witlessly amateurish imitation Frank Miller tough guy script;lots of gore, black gore, maroon gore, fuchsia gore, lavender gore, green gore, ecru gore;a gratuitous chain-sawing wielding maniac clown; never-explained CGI mutant space monsters;a single set of all-purpose fake intestines which are repeatedly pulled from various dead extras;characters who keep forgetting they're in the zombie apocalypse; a running visual gag involving masturbation; a geezer who repeatedly declares "I'm getting too old for this shit";and a second-lead actress whose IMDB bio notes that she used to model for Japanese girly mags and now sells lingerie at strip clubs in Utah.In sum: grade Z camp fare; awful, but minimally fun. Eh...sometimes you're in the mood for a really bad zombie movie. It may as well feature Danny Trejo.

Dane K (nl) wrote: Hercules (supposed to be known as Heracles in Greek Mythology) was one of the greatest heroes in Greece, but is represented in this mini-series that is, well, wussy. The first half of this mini-series is absolutely atrocious. Hercules doesn't even look like he's going to become a great hero, instead he is (and the actor portrays him) like a whiny English schoolboy bitch. The second half is much better. On the plus side, the story is of course excellent, albeit poorly executed, and the whole thing shorter than 3 hours. Also, I hated the inclusion of that waste of acting "talent" from Lord Of The Rings (Sean Astin - although anyone in that movie is a waste) in the cast - horrible.