Johnny Apollo

Johnny Apollo

Wall Street broker Robert Cain, Sr., is jailed for embezzling. His college graduate son Bob then turns to crime to raise money for his father's release. As assistant to mobster Mickey Dwyer, then falls for Dwyer's girl Lucky. He winds up in the same prison as his father.

The son of a jailed Wall Street broker turns to crime to pay for his father's release. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Helen M (ca) wrote: Great independent movie!

Minna S (fr) wrote: I felt great shame while watching this. The so called humour was not funny to a slightest level. The only thing that got me smiling a bit was Hugh Grant speaking French in the end.

Wes S (br) wrote: A lot of good horror fun. While this sequel only contains 3 stories and a few animated host segments, all the stories are pretty good on their own. The 2nd one would have to be my favorite though, as it's pretty eerie to get attack by an oil spill. Entertaining horror fun and a worthy sequel.

Camille H (gb) wrote: With all the different renditions of Venom and mashed up comic-continuities the movie can either be really bad or really good. Now I LOVE Venom anywhich way, but if they do some batsh*t crazy stuff and ruin Venom's integrity I'll hurt some people. Hell hath no fury like NERD RAGE. On a side note: F*CK Topher Grace. 'Nuff said.

Thomas K (ru) wrote: Wonderful. Unjustly maligned as not being worthy of the best picture award it so rightly won. All you have to do is sit down and glory in it's perfection.

Tiberio S (mx) wrote: "I adore things which go out of the ordinary," one of the ladies says, perhaps a reflection of what the audience is thinking. The problem with most absurdities and farces is that they deal with some ridiculous situation which we either buy or don't buy. Here, the situation is a mystery, servants suddenly leaving, everyone engaging in a giant slumber party, which is out of order for these people. There's a bear and sheep in the house, a dead chicken in a purse. A man is unconscious, dying perhaps. "What's happening to us?" Doctor asks right before a thunderstorm. It's intriguing, something is in the air and we don't know what it is, it's a total mystery. It could be equally satisfying if we never find out.Everything that once was sexy is now disgusting. These people are filthy, un showered, their backends probably a mess. Where once we could picture a fairly sexy upper-class orgy, now we dream of escaping from one another.The film is relentless, almost never letting go of the ever-increasing tension that drives these characters to madness. We wonder to ourselves if there was something we missed - did they get trapped? Barricaded by the people on the outside? How did they suddenly start showing up? Revelations come in the form of degenerating behavior while questions continue to be raised. At no point do I lose interest in what's happening while still dying for answers, a perfect blend of engaging in experience while needing to know. We reach our most savage point when sheep are slaughtered, a dead couple are laughed at, and a royal rumble breaks out. We wonder what satisfying solution could possibly come about, and most ideas that go through my head are unsatisfying. But Bunuel works the unexpected, re-staging everyone exactly as they were before this mysterious curse trapped everyone. One of the women is able to identify this, trying to guide everyone to retrace their steps until they can figure out what locked them in the first place - she equates the exercise to chess. Eventually they stumble on a point in which someone declared it was time to retire, which seemed to generate a compulsive etiquette that resulted in the ensuing problem.Time and space is a constant distortion - the couple thinks they've been their around a month, one of the ladies thinks they were at the opera "tonight." The room seems to change positions. The rest of the mansion becomes forbidden, they are locked in one space. A black curtain forms, the homeowner on the other side. Where exactly does the painting door lead to? Bathroom? Where is the bathroom anyway? Sheep go upstairs, but arrive in the room where everyone is for their sacrifice.


Arianna B (ru) wrote: Fantasia is definitely one of the most classical Disney movies. I think it can be hard to be understood by the newest generations of today, so used to be overstimulated and not being able to enjoy the simple nature of things, as a beautiful well executed classical piece that brings up to life fantastic creatures and original stories. There is no need to have a specific plot when the idea is that the music and images are the red thread thorough the movie. Some parts might be a bit too complex for kids to understand and purely enjoy, but why everything has to be easy and served on a silver plate?

Alice S (ca) wrote: Bitchtastic. "I can see your toner [ladywood for a member of the nemesis male a capella group]!" "That's my dick." The rising action is a bit slow and repetitive with Aubrey mindlessly sticking to her traditional setlist, but the song and dance numbers at the end really pump up the jam. I used to not care for Anna Kendrick's face or acting - attributing her badass demeanor to mostly costume and make-up - but her pixie-sized sex appeal is just winning as heck. Rebel Wilson is hilariously "a ca-awkward," as are the ragtag team of supporting characters, namely the quiet Asian and her sociopathic murmurings, "I ate my twin in the womb."

JD E (es) wrote: Got to give it props it was shot in Columbus.

Ricky T (mx) wrote: If there's something good about this movie...wait everything is good HOLLYWOOD better pick up the slack or they'll be a thing of the past.