Johnny Belinda

Johnny Belinda

A small-town doctor helps a deaf-mute farm girl learn to communicate.

In post-war Cape Breton, a doctor's efforts to tutor a deaf/mute woman are undermined when she is raped, and the resulting pregnancy causes scandal to swirl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Denise A (fr) wrote: Saw it but want to see it again. Well done interesting story.

Dan A (gb) wrote: Over the top campy fun

Ben L (ru) wrote: What a strange enigma of a film. Seabiscuit starts out absolutely terrible. The interweaving origins of the main characters is not edited well at all, to the point where I wondered more than once what was going on and even struggled to connect the dots from one actor playing Red to the next one. The voice-over was ham-handed and unnecessary. They even let Tobey Maguire do some of his signature obnoxious whining that I loathe so much. About 30 minutes in I was tempted to just give up on the film altogether. It was around this time that the horse first shows up, and something changed. The second act was interesting and I was actually following the narrative flow without difficulty. By the third act, Seabiscuit really hit its stride (pun intended.) I went from not caring one bit about the film to suddenly cheering and even crying at the end. I could not figure out how it managed to sneak up on me but between the script, the cinematography, and the score, somehow I was emotionally invested in this movie. It's definitely a schmaltzy ending that could have been plucked right out of a Disney film, but I was completely on board at that point. I can't forgive Seabiscuit for all the first act problems, but I almost want to watch it again now that I've seen the whole movie and see if those origin moments resonate more when I know the end of the story.

Donna L (kr) wrote: Worth watching. Really moved me towards the end.

Andrew R (es) wrote: 93%. A great mystery film. The killers In this movie are Debbie Salt and Mickey.

Andrew D (ca) wrote: Badass, bizarre, violent, perverse, and stylish. The cinematography and direction are fantastic. Takashi Miike's best.

Joanna N (br) wrote: This documentary captures the fascinating and extravagant world of drag in late 80s New York. Anyone who, like me, is addicted to/obsessed with RuPaul's Drag Race will revel in this education on the origins of numerous phrases and words with which the show has made us familiar.The film casts the spotlight on a selection of big personalities and influential characters from that scene, with the central focus being the infamous "balls" that were thrown to show off the best outfits and emulations of a range of categories of drag. Despite the extremely fabulous modelling, dancing and general attitudes of the featured individuals, the overriding narrative is melancholy; these were people who felt like outcasts with no future and little hope, making the best of what they had and finding comfort and support in their community.In the years immediately after the film came out, many of the major 'stars' of the documentary sadly passed away, and one was even tragically murdered whilst filming was still ongoing. The enjoyment of watching the performances and interviews is muted slightly by realising how vulnerable they were, and I can understand why a lot of the cast felt quite angry and exploited when the documentary's success failed to improve their own situations.

Scott W (gb) wrote: The original Dumb and Dumber is one of the five funniest movies I've seen. I'm going to choose to pretend this sequel doesn't exist. Worse than not being funny, at several points I was revulsed. And it's just boring. I couldn't wait for this to end. I hope Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels were paid handsomely, because this has to be the low point of both their careers.

Elias E (de) wrote: i heared the story even before this no i don't like this movie. but i will say this the toy idea is a cool one