Johnny Eager

Johnny Eager

A charming racketeer seduces the DA's daughter for revenge, then falls in love.

District Attorney's daughter falls in love with a gangster the D.A. is trying to put in jail. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Megan S (us) wrote: stunning, emotionally-gripping film.

James C (kr) wrote: Interesting topic about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict as told through the eyes of 4 women whose lives intertwine over the course of 40 years, ending with the main character, Miral, and her involvement in the resistance of the late 1980s. Film has some important messages and great actors but gets a bit muddled in "arty" filmmaking. The handheld camera really became jarring after awhile. Not director Julian Schnabel's best film, but not nearly as awful as some reviews make it out to be. The desire for peace for all at the center of the film. Great performance from Hiam Abbass ("The Visitor") as Mama Hind who runs the orphanage/school for Palestinian children.

Jason B (jp) wrote: Couldn't stand the way (almost) everyone called Katrine a freak or loon when didn't do anything to them!

John Eric D (jp) wrote: If you have seen The Departed and Mike Figgis' Internal Affairs. Your in for a treat with this Hong Kong version called Infernal Affairs. A very well made Hong Kong cop crime drama that tells the story of both cops in between of two bosses. Searching for both parties' mole as it tells the loyalty and betrayal from both men. Well written and impressive work by director Andy Lau. Brilliant performances by the well known Hong Kong actors as Andy Lau and Tony Leung really shines and gives the most natural acting the Asian way. A must have collection either DVD or Blu-Ray. Superbly a Hong Kong crime masterpiece. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Private U (nl) wrote: It is true that boys always bike with girls back home. It happens more often during the winter time because at the age of 17 they have to prepare for the national test to enter university and usually take after-school class and leave school around 8 to 9pm. Guys always send girls home for security purpose, but in the morning they pick up girls and bike to school together are purely courtship. I appreciate people who understand and enjoy this movie because there are many details involving Beijing culture that not many Chinese from other cities may understand either. For example, the detail of the street the girl lives is much wider and cleaner than the rest; the building she lives in has its middle-class look. Right, we don't say class in china, we use another word --- state-owned property which means spacious and in good condition. Living in such places implies powerful family background - maybe that's why she looks dumb in the movie. On the other hand, the Beijing boy is from a relatively poor family. But no matter what, local Beijinger is typically more sophisticated, politic-orientated, and cynical and more than any thing, they are proud. Therefore, the friendship between the poor proud local boy and the poor helpless country boy becomes so special, precious, and touching. And that's where the theme of the movie comes. I love this movie. In fact, as I recall when we were 17 we always complaint that the stupid national test has ruined our youth life for generations. But after this movie, the memory of stress was still there, but life seems that it wasn't that bad.

jay n (fr) wrote: Good actors, interesting idea but sloppy execution

Paul S (fr) wrote: Owned by Ashley. Pleasant romp in 60's with another Rock & Doris movie. Here the two are already married. Rock plays a hypochondriac who mistakenly thinks he is dying. Multiple misunderstandings keep things moving.

Matthew H (es) wrote: Daftness, my favourite Stiller film!

Vinnie F (au) wrote: It's just a boring action thriller than not even a really likable Samuel L Jackson can't save.

Jaden K (mx) wrote: Okay, the characters are a little generic, but my enjoyment of this film doesn't derive from the characters, but the satire. The satire isn't played too heavy-handed, but they show just enough of it to get a grasp on it, and not shove it down your throat. This film is good, watch it. Now.

Anna S (fr) wrote: This movie is, for a lack of better words, a snoozefest.