Johnny Got His Gun

Johnny Got His Gun

Joe, a young American soldier, is hit by a mortar shell on the last day of World War I. He lies in a hospital bed in a fate worse than death - a quadruple amputee who has lost his arms, legs, eyes, ears, mouth and nose. Unbeknown to his doctors, he remains conscious and able to think, thereby reliving his life through strange dreams and memories and unable to distinguish whether he is awake or dreaming. He remains frustrated by his situation, until one day when Joe discovers a unique way to communicate with his caregivers.

War has plunged Army soldier Joe Bonham (Timothy Bottoms) into an unending nightmare. He is now blind, deaf, limbless, and mute after a horrific artillery shell attack. Trapped in his body, Joe realizes there's only one way out of his misery: death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (mx) wrote: If the main selling points for a film are its "underground rock soundtrack" and the fact that two people actually have sex on camera, then that's probably a bad sign for the film. But even so, I still couldn't believe how bad this movie was. It didn't seem like there was much writing involved as the two actors were clearly improvising most of their lines, but there was some horribly written narration as well. Here's one of those little gems: "Lisa didn't want to go to the gig that night, so I gave her ticket away. Five thousand people in a room and you can still feel alone." Everything about this is bad: the writing, the lighting (which I'm not even sure they even had), the direction, the acting (which shouldn't come as a surprise; if you're casting actors mainly based off of their willing to penetrate/be penetrated, then you'll probably wind up with porno-quality actors). It looks like it was filmed on a camera phone. I saw a boom mic twice but I'm sure it was in there more. I was shocked to see that there was actually a sound editor and sound mixers on this movie since you can literally hear the jump in audio tracks as the camera cuts from one shot to another. Scenes don't start or end and there is hardly any storyline to speak of. If I was really dumb then I could be convinced that all of the terrible aspects of this film are justified because of its artistic merit, but I just can't bring myself to view this as a piece of art in any way. Honestly, I've seen porno flicks with better production value. The story just jumps back and forth between a couple having sex in their apartment and going to lame concerts (all of which were clearly filmed on the same night at the same venue). Most of the footage of the couple at the concerts is out of focus, most of the scenes with them having sex aren't sexy. This film is just average looking people having dreadfully boring conversations and uninteresting sex. Thankfully it was only an hour long, but goddamn if I still wasn't continuously watching the clock to check how much time was left. This is the type of project that your annoying artist friend makes for a few bucks in a couple days and then has you watch it as you struggle for nice things to say once it's over. If that were the case, all I'd be able to come up with would be, "My favorite part was when she blew him." A less than glowing review. I'm shocked that I live in a world where I could actually watch this movie without knowing anyone who had anything to do with it. Don't watch this, it literally could not be worse. Even if you're interested in watching people have sex, just watch a porno instead.

Bry G (es) wrote: Cute movie, stream it

Juan Gabriel A (fr) wrote: I think I don't need to say how well made is this Film. It's made under the Dogma 95 vow of chastity and has great acting and story. One more thing: the DVD menus are great and also well matched to the movie style.

Ben L (ru) wrote: Pay It Forward is a film that should work in concept, but kind of falls apart in the execution. The idea of one young boy starting a wave of good deeds that spreads quickly and dramatically as part of a simple school project is inspiring. I also love that the film is traveling forward and backwards in the chain of good deeds at the same time, it gives a nice reference point for the cause-and-effect of the Pay It Forward movement. Haley Joel Osment has a good handle on emotional content, and plays a decent range of emotions which can be hard for actors his age. Kevin Spacey is also delightful as his teacher who struggles with the demons of his past which he's reminded of every time he looks in the mirror. There might have been a couple of overly melodramatic moments from his character, but they helped to define him and make him a more sympathetic figure in the story. However, despite the good aspects, the movie struggles because of certain serious failures.First of all, Helen Hunt is horribly miscast. I'm not sure if she just can't act, or can't handle this kind of role, but it's a disaster. Her range feels so limited here and the part calls for extremely deep emotional moments. She has to display fear, loss, love, rage, pity, frustration, and so much more and I don't see even half of those emotions in her performance. The next problem is that they don't do enough to show the number of good deeds that are going on. Instead of focusing on the 3 big acts that each person is supposed to perform, we basically only see 1 per person. It really throws off some of the climax because we're supposed to see that this thing is so huge, but we only witness like 6 total acts of kindness. Finally, and this will be a spoiler, the ending ruins the whole thing. This film needed the positive and uplifting ending to inspire audiences, but they go with a dark and somber one which leaves you depressed instead of challenged. I can't say that Pay It Forward is a straight-up bad film, I just think it seriously dropped the ball, and fell short of its potential.

Ben W (ag) wrote: A rather mediocre tribute to better Vietnam films.

Donnie B (ca) wrote: I wish it had been better, but it wasn't. Still, what was right, especially the acting and the chemistry, was worth the 118 minutes.