Johnny Sunshine Maximum Violence

Johnny Sunshine Maximum Violence

The Sprawl, a seedy underworld of exploitation, violence, and zombies. In this maze of alleyways and speakeasies life is cheap, drugs are cheaper, and surviving to a ripe old age is an urban myth. At the center of it all is Johnny Sunshine, a porn star and killer for hire. She stalks the night like a tempest of sex and violence, much to the pleasure and profit of her producer, Max, and his entertainment empire. As the body count rises, Johnny becomes a victim of her own success. In secret a plot is hatched to orchestrate her downfall, and capture it all on camera to create the greatest snuff film ever made. Written by dissolve pictures

The Sprawl, a seedy underworld of exploitation, violence, and zombies. In this maze of alleyways and speakeasies life is cheap, drugs are cheaper, and surviving to a ripe old age is an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Johnny Sunshine Maximum Violence torrent reviews

Hale (jp) wrote: Keeps the tension high till the end. Good family comedy.

Josh A (ag) wrote: The premise is extremely inventive, the script is cleverly written, and the overall execution is solid, as the main cast members seem to have bought in to the absurdity of the whole idea, and the cinematography is creative. Aside for some lulls and a questionable romance subplot, the film is ridiculous, very funny, and fun to watch.

Paul D (ag) wrote: This is certainly style over content. The homage to the genre is pretty good in terms of its look, but the zombie storyline is very average and the various bad acting is masked by the cult appeal.

Elin T (kr) wrote: So silly but so funny

Romain P (es) wrote: assez special comme film...un sentiment bizzare la sortie, les acteurs sont bons, l'histoire un peu moins...

Mikaela V (it) wrote: Want to see soooooooooo.. badly!!!

Ajay D (kr) wrote: TOTAL THRILLER.after watching firefly, if you don't watch this movie, the union isn't keeps you on your nerves most of the time through the movie...

Peter N (au) wrote: Too slow and boring to build any sort of tension.

Bill J (de) wrote: Great story line. This movie could be re-made over and over and I would still watch all of the re-makes.

Ashley M (mx) wrote: WEIRD with the heavy, earthy symbolism typical to Medem. I <3 Julio Medem

Charlie M (mx) wrote: Lawyer is accused of murdering his mistress in this courtroom drama that misses in more ways than one.

Jenny R (fr) wrote: An average young man is absorbed into the anonymous, efficient and brutal machinery of WW2.

Tasos L (nl) wrote: They don't make them like this anymore...Movies that approach perfection..!

Private U (us) wrote: jag kollar bara p snt hr nu

Ashley H (jp) wrote: Colombiana is a decent film. It is about a young woman, after witnessing her parents' murder as a child in Bogota, who grows up to be a stone-cold assassin. Zoe Saldana and Michael Vartan give good performances. The screenplay is a little slow in places. Olivier Megaton did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the action.

Jim H (kr) wrote: what that really was a true story that time?... well kinda :)

Zach M (it) wrote: This was actually a pretty good sci-fi movies from the Full Moon library.Tim Thomerson was perfect as Jack Deth and an early role for Helen Hunt.Actually a pretty good movie that is entertaining and doesn't get boring. The actors make the movie great for a b-movie from Charles Band.

Bill J (au) wrote: The movie may not have captured the true essence of the 54 era, but at least someone was willing to give it a try.

jwasu r (kr) wrote: Well executed drama with a ill fated romantic element to round it out. Puts the ugly side into right focus, though I thought that if indeed it was realism the writer and director were after, then for sake of plausibility the main characters could have been a bit less angelic. Still a very very good film.

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