Johnny Yuma

Johnny Yuma

Infidelity, murder, and betrayal lies at the center of this violent Spaghetti western. A scheming wife does away with her husband, causing the man's heir to seek revenge. A number of double-crosses and bloody gun battles follow, eventually driving the woman to flee into the desert.

A greedy woman kills her land-owning husband with the aid of her brother. Since the husband's will leaves his land to his nephew, the woman and her brother hire a gunman to eliminate this ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harsh L (nl) wrote: 1/2 for the movie and 1 for Chitrangada

Anthony A (jp) wrote: A Japanese thriller that really brings you in. I really enjoyed this film and this one hit me hard.A aquatic shop owner named Syamoto (Mitsuru) gets acquainted with a more elder man of the same suite *Denden), but little did Syamoto know, Murata, the other shop owner and his wife have an extremely psychotic side as they make people "invisible". This film has a very twisted turn of events and has twisted surprises around every corner!If you love realistic gore fest films, this is a must see. A movie that deserves more than it has.

Aileen M (mx) wrote: It's a awesomely funny movie. It's awesome like everything ?? but when you see it a lot it gets boring!

George R (gb) wrote: The description posted here is the same paragraph that appeared on the Netflix DVD, and does NOT accurately represent the watered-down plot of the movie. The film is more about how Paul is "secretly" in love with his straight roommate. When Paul hooks up a couple times with a "beur," this serves as a personal coming-out for Paul; there is really very little that touches on an examination of "class, race, and social standing." Through Paul's attraction to Mecir, Paul begins to realize what has been painfully obvious to everyone around him since the beginning of the film: he's gay! Not a painful movie to watch, but a little frustrating; nothing special.

sonia s (br) wrote: is main hamraaz koi bhi nahi hai koi k end main pata chal jatahai

Matthew W (gb) wrote: A couple cool effects

Clayton T (gb) wrote: ANYTIME ITS ON I MUST SEE IT

Damian B (kr) wrote: Awful stuff, only warranting it's 1 star thanks to Sasha's return. The guy taking over Tong Po looks like a drag queen, the fight scenes are emotionless and the 20 mins of soft porn for no real reason was lame. Felt sorry for Sasha.

Lou R (kr) wrote: This is the most terrible film I have seen thus far in my 20 years of breathing on Earth.

UN O (nl) wrote: Blaxploitation, with GREAT soundtrack (main title sung by Martha Reeves)

Jason M (de) wrote: Really amazing all the way around.

Tamatai N (ca) wrote: The epitome of the 50s sci-fi B-movie, This Island Earth is as bizarre as it is fun yet very cringe-inducing with its cheesiness when the moment is right. Highly enjoyable and very much a hidden gem in the annals of cinema history. Recommended for any fan of the strange, the cheesy and the kitsch, just make sure you have a good understanding and appreciation for the majesty of the B-movie before venturing on this quest.

Sindhu S (mx) wrote: Apparently it was her worst movie, her pronouncing of every word with such saucy exaggeration actually is part of her appeal. The title song is lovely though.

Andrew B (kr) wrote: The bold 1st-person experiment starts off cool but gets old quick and can't overcome the boring plot and campy acting.

Joel A (it) wrote: This is the fourth or fifth film I have seen of classic comedian W. Fields that I can honestly now say he is a dreadfully unfunny comedian.This film's narrative is solid since it is based on a successful Broadway played also called Poppy. But the humor is very labored.The plot is enjoyable enough and running at 73 minutes it's not too hard to sit through. Will be enjoyable if you appreciate the Hollywood Studio films from the 1930's.

mark r (au) wrote: Hilarious it's so great and funny good for 7+

Paul D (nl) wrote: Some old-school Canadian stereotypes brought by the loveable characters played by Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis. The plot is absurd and it certainly isn't one of the great cinematic masterpieces of our time, but like everything else in's fairly enjoyable if you bring a case of beer with you to it!