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Joker torrent reviews

John R P (es) wrote: Like in his two previous movies , 'The Burma Conspiracy' and 'Largo Winch', Tomer Sisley delivers a solid performance; he is convincing, pulls you into his character's corner and you will not only be rooting for him, you will feel his pain. As much as I enjoyed the previous two films of Sisley, I was no less engaged here. The movie's premise is simple, at least at the onset, but then it gets complicated in just the right measure, as any good thriller ought to. Also, as you'll find in several top French action thriller, the line between good and bad cop gets a little blurry, creatively speaking (that's good); there are no good guys, you might think, only innocent bystanders.Sisley plays a motivated man like you would expect any 'father trying to rescue his son' type character should; however, this movie brings it to an even higher plateau. You are convinced his character is a cop turned bad, like so many classic cop characters do, and this is strategically intended; he's not. It is easy to miss this important fact, with all the tense action and intense bad guys, and I almost did. At that point, you are even more compelled by the story, but if you don't pay attention, you just might remain unaware he was a good cop until the end when it becomes clear he was a hero times two.The very high ratings by critics indicate to me they have not missed any of those details. But fear not, regardless if the fast paced action scenes prevent you from catching the little clues, it can still work thanks to a fine 'd (C)nouement' ending; nonetheless, I hope you catch all the clues. Don't drink Red Bull or anything of the sort while viewing this highly charged film; it may be harmful to your health. On the other hand, if you do, you won't miss any of the smart twists.

Wont W (it) wrote: Very intense. Some scenes difficult to watch. Idris Elba is excellent. Will be watching for more of him.

Greg W (es) wrote: Joffe, working from his own script, presents the men's lives as evidence of difficult choices, but this pedantic movie is never fully invested in any of them.

Bex K (ca) wrote: A Game Of Thrones fanfic with an erection for English accents and cannabis euphemisms. Enjoy. (By enjoy, I of course mean, cringe at everything and deeply regret the time this film robbed from your existence.)

Buggy B (es) wrote: Caught this on TV and still managed to get really into it, suffer through bouts of claustrophobia and be impressed with the Titanic-reminiscent special effects. I would have liked a bit more character development initially, as it was we were just thrown in with a bunch of random cruise ship passengers and then pow, the giant rogue wave hits. Its an adrenaline ride from start to finish though and fun guessing who's going to make it out alive. And anyone with a fear of drowning or enclosed spaces...there's a scene towards the end involving one of the main characters that felt so realistic it was just horrific and will haunt me for some time. A decent remake of a disaster classic, a fun ride 02.13.14

Private U (ag) wrote: I loved loved loved this movie! It's my all time favorite movie!

Nathan C (kr) wrote: I just saw this movie years ago and i hated it badly,According to Rotten Ratings Video Game Adaptions are impossible to make successfully, I'm surprised this received 32%, It felt lower than that, Much Lower...What Else? hmmmm.... Got it! It had a shitty ending and i knew it was going to end that way, People should either try again to make a good game adaptation or stop making them for good.Score: 1.5/10

Stephanie H (fr) wrote: watchin it for religion lol keanu reeves in long hair and tan skin bad acting much horrible colour schemes annoyin and odd wth 3 lama reincarnations boring at times

James Z (de) wrote: tireless musical mixes addictive songs and convivially interesting personages. but appeals to modern sensibilities to importune the past often makes 'hairspray' a propaganda exercise, rather than an impassioned search for tolerance.

Bill B (ag) wrote: It was interesting to return to this one after basically a decade, just to see how it holds up, and I have to say that for a revisit from the collection, I really dug this even more on the re-watch.From the foul-mouthed mayor to the goopy gross creatures, there's so many hilarious things peppered throughout the horror that it actually surprised me that I hadn't come back to this sooner.Well worth a look, recommended.

Rex G (jp) wrote: ROD TAYLOR YVETTE MIMIEUX JIM BROWN are electrifying brilliant in this very tough, violent, atmospheric tough action adventure set in the Congo of the 1960s. Probably the greatest WAR film ever made has outstanding plot, tension, direction, music and a cast that deserved to win many oscars. Major screen chemistry between ROD TAYLOR (always excellent) and Jim Brown as 2 respectful mercenaries with a tough job to carry out.Jim Brown the leading Black American actor of the 1960s and 1970s wasat his best as Ruffo who is vindicated by Captain Curry (Rod Taylor).ROD TAYLOR and YVETTE MIMIEUX were first paired magically on screenin the All time classic film Geoge Pal's TIME MACHINE in 1960.

Joe C (de) wrote: I was gonna give it 4.5, but think of time of their imagination damn definitely should give them 5 stars

James W (mx) wrote: Date night is made on a very hard to believe premise, but if it's funny then it doesn't really matter. Sadly it's not though, it really drags and a car chase scene too seems to be overly long, we get it that's the joke just end this scene already. Just when you thought it couldn't get more stupid they start dancing 'sexily' yes that's the depths gone to for a cheap gag. I'm fine with these basic low humour comedies if they're funny but this is anything but.

Paul D (kr) wrote: The story and acting in this is quite awful...but, at least I was able to understand what was going on. That is way more than I can say about the last one. This is disliked by most (and it is bad), but I found an odd cheesy charm to it.

Jesus H (de) wrote: wow. what did i just watch. Disgrace is the perfect name. Good film for analysis