Jolly Days

Jolly Days


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Holden O (jp) wrote: The best one! Hahaha

Johnson C (ag) wrote: The 'core values' of Hong Kong. Targeted as an award catching movie, and it successed.

Gregory M (us) wrote: Could do with less silly jokes and off-putting one-liners,but othr than that a warm,sweet movie.

Gillian M (es) wrote: loved this! again I wish I had saw it at the cinema! was entertaining from start to finish, loved all the characters and the film looked gorgeous! very impressed :-)

Mitchell M (au) wrote: As an Edith Piaf biopic, "La Vie En Rose" is a messy, somewhat underwhelming effort - but as a showcase for Marion Cotillard, the actress stuns in a captivating, award worthy performance.

Kerby H (de) wrote: So brilliant in so many ways. The script is one of the craziest and most jumbled assortment of topics I've ever seen, and every part of it is really interesting. There's a normal amount of character drama, but then the added element of philosophy and humanity really complicated things. There's a lot of subtle political commentary, yet David O. Russell does a really good job of compiling all these things into one impressive film.

Robert H (mx) wrote: Witchboard takes the whole Ouija/spirit board craze of the 80s and brings it to the big (or little) screen with cheesy fun.Witchboard is by no means a well made film and might have you yelling at the screen (some people do some really stupid things in here) but thanks to some over the top concepts and cheesy trashy goodness. The fact that there are some actual eerie moments in the film and a few decent jump scares are just bonus.Not quite a classic, Witchboard still spawned a couple sequels and should be given a looksy by any true horror fan.

Vinny G (ag) wrote: Loved this Bond movie. Great twist at the end. 87 out of 100

Mad M (ru) wrote: Decent. It's a good, atmospheric for the first hour, then it turns into sci-fi channel movie. Durand does good.