Jolly LLB 2

Jolly LLB 2

A blunt, abrasive and yet oddly compassionate Jagdishwar Mishra aka Jolly, a small-time struggling lawyer who moves from Kanpur to the city of Nawabs to pursue his dream of becoming a big-time lawyer.

Jolly is a clumsy lawyer who is faced with representing the most critical court case of his career. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Udayalaksmanakartiyasa H (us) wrote: Great material for a documentary. Even better that the persons are still alive yet they've achieved so much. Very neat documentary, high quality pictures and footage. It's long, but you can enjoy this very much. There's just so much to tell about this two great personalities. And this is the first documentary I watched that is going to have a sequel. Bold and brave.

Faith E (ru) wrote: I was very surprised to see Rotten Tomatoes have such a low rating on this movie. I just saw it on Netflix, rated over 4 stars, which is a much more accurate rating. This movie has beautiful scenery, culture, imagination, love and was not predictable.

Morgan O (ru) wrote: Goddammit; this film is such a wonderful visual experience but is very nearly ruined by the uber-pretentious sounding narration. Obviously the subject is very close to the filmmaker's heart but couldn't he have kept hidden at least one aspect of his cinematic voice, ie; by literally sparing us from hearing his voice?After about 15 minutes the images do begin to take over as they wash over you but every now and again we come across a particularly rancid, over-wrought piece of narration and the whole thing almost comes crashing down.Would have been so much better to have some other native Liverpudlian provide the voice-over, preferably one with a rougher, scouse accent. At least someone who doesn't pronounce the word 'coupon' quite so deliberately, ugh.Aural/oral distractions aside, this film is both wonderfully uplifting and crushingly sad at the same time. If you're away from home it'll fill you up with waves of nostalgia for your own treasured, bitter-sweet memories of time and places gone-by.And that's a good thing.You can get lost in the retrospect, contemplative nature of this piece, if only that almost patronising voice didn't have to keep driving you along when you just want to become saturated by the images that tell their own stories.

Warren P (br) wrote: Absolutely fan-fucking-tastic! A must watch. Phenomenal!

Eric L (ru) wrote: Larry gross redneck(plumber's butt) but some funny liners. Thinks his health inspector partner Amy Butlin is a guy(all dressed in a gray men's business suit) til she finally corrects him late in the movie.That billboard sign: "Butlin is a Fag." lol You're always "Butlin" in. A brown snake playing peek-a-boo w/ his b-hole.The flatulence is lame and juvie humor though.Larry gets a cutesy chick (that got fired at the mall)for a g/f, who puts up with his gross ways(some flatulence, and also, one time when she offers him the napkin w/ her phone #, he wipes his bloody nose and says he gets boogers) cuz he's a good guy.

Javeria (kr) wrote: not even close to the first one...

Brian C (br) wrote: Same very tired story about a girl possessed by a demon, and is in need of an exorcism.

bill s (nl) wrote: I am not a fan of this writing team but this movie does have some very funny scenes.

Evan K (kr) wrote: The problem is not just that it's bad, but that it's not even entertainingly bad in what Cage often delivers.

I am A (ag) wrote: Thanks for adding this 1 Flixster. ANYWHO this movie SUCKS! Don't see it! Its not funny, unless your really, messed up in the head.

Larry W (ag) wrote: Worth it if only to watch Lili Taylor, in a part that any sane actress would envy, devour the scenery.

Marion R (au) wrote: It was interesting to see all the manipulation and effort put towards getting revenge, but the ending fell short.

Alasdair B (ca) wrote: "Silent Running'' is one of those rare scifi films that not only has beautiful imagery and stunning effects, but also has an emotional story at it's core. Many films like it tend to be lifeless and desolate of any human emotion. 2001 is a brilliant film, but one of its main flaws is that it lacks any emotion or coherent story. It's very empty. 2013's Gravity was also very void of any story and emotion. This film is quite the opposite, while somewhat similar. Freeman Lowell (Bruce Dern) lives on an spacecraft with three others. Their task is to keep the forests alive in the domes. Lowell is very much a Grizzly Adams of the future. He cares for the animals and the forest. He believes it is essential the last remnants of Earth be preserved. After they are ordered to abandon their mission, Lowell does what he believes is necessary. Eventually, he ends up all alone, floating amongst the stars with only the company of two little drones. Together they must keep the beauty alive, in hope that one day things can go back to what they were. The thing that stood out right away was how beautifully shot this film is. The cinematography is so clever. You can tell each shot was well thought out. Each shot was unique. The second was the production and the props. The props in this film are astounding. From the drones to the go-carts, the computers to the futuristic tools, every detail is noticeable. Third and finally, the emotion and simplicity of the film. Many scifi films are visually resplendent yet lack any story or emotion. This film had great visuals, a simple story, and had a great central character. The emotion felt through the drones reminded me of R2-D2. "Silent Running'' is one of the most underrated scifi films of all time. It is truly a beautiful film, filled with emotion and thought provoking themes. It's simplicity in story and genuineness of emotion make it a superior scifi film. And such an inventive and charming soundtrack.

Greg W (ca) wrote: another winner from the master

Andrew I (au) wrote: Totally confusing from start to finish. So many Japanese names for characters, armies, places and objects feature in a complex plot full of intrigue that even the most attentive viewer is going to get a little misled here and there whilst being distracted by the less-than-brilliantly translated subtitles. The fight scenes were a little Emmerdale-esque in places, and the mysterious guy in white seems somehow to defy the laws of physics. Just about watchable if you're into Japanese films and are really bored one night. 6.25/10

RubberToe d (de) wrote: "sort of a half cuddle half rape".....c'mon

Chad D (au) wrote: John Wayne in a western. Need I say more? Big Jake is as entertaining as any of Wayne's other western adventures.