To inspire striking workers, the griot tells of a legendary prince, Dieri Dior Ndella, who sacrificed his life during colonialism, and Koura Thiaw, an entertainer who took up the cause of oppressed domestics in the 1940s, both becoming heroes to their people. Though this strangely lyrical film deals with a contemporary crisis, critic Roy Armes notes that "the film travels exuberantly through time to capture situations linked only by their common concern with the concepts of honor and dignity, the importance of keeping one's word and not being bought or corrupted.

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Ondrej (fr) wrote: Briliant cast. M. Fassbender great as always. Raw K. Jervis. 35mm. Low-class realism at it's best.

Samantha S (nl) wrote: Another one that I wanted to like more than I did.

Private U (fr) wrote: One of the Best movies of all times. i personally had to say it but ive seen this about a million times and i still love watching it. Everyone should watch it at least once in there lifetime.

Rawballs B (ru) wrote: A great other style of retelling the story of one of the best tales of all time! =)

Wendy M (it) wrote: The music makes it all worth while. Also, a young "Wilson" has me hooked.

Shawn F (de) wrote: You wanna take my Nikon!?

Lanky Man P (gb) wrote: Another instant classic! It's scary or sad depending on the heart you have.

Tiberiu C (de) wrote: Classic thriller. Whoever underestimates French mob dramas needs a slap and then some Absynthe!

david t (gb) wrote: i would like to see this one..

Nathan E (fr) wrote: The perfect scary movie, mixing tension with laughs in a fast-paced story. One of the best thrillers out there. Not kidding.

liam g (fr) wrote: Really not as good as the others and seemed quite... tacky (only word I can use to describe it) A huge let down