Having stormed shows such as Have I Got News For You (BBC1), Live At The Apollo (BBC1), Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow (BBC1) and now as the new host of Channel 4’s Stand Up For The Week and team captain on 8 Out Of 10 Cats, the brilliantly funny Jon Richardson is the UK’s rising comedy star to watch out for! Discussing the everyday items that have a profound effect on his outlook, Funny Magnet is Jon’s new hilarious sell-out show that will be touring the UK in 2012 and recorded for his highly anticipated debut DVD.

Jon Sloan; a socially challenged computer engineer descends into a world of lust and murder after his child hood imaginary friend Blackie returns into his life after 20 years of laying dormant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hugo T (ru) wrote: Awful special effects, zero plotline, just crazy Christian propaganda.

Christy P (mx) wrote: Very good film for Japanese and American society to see. Doesn't shy away from less savory acts that happen in life.

Shannon F (it) wrote: Fun teen zombie movie. Kinda like a funnier Idle Hands. Sorry Seth..

Rosemarie B (ag) wrote: excellent movie---reminiscent of the Hardy Boys series-- flowed very nicely and kept you entertained through out the entire movie

Di M (fr) wrote: Superb cast of actors/actresses, great scenery, fun and light-hearted plot, love the British humor, love Oliver James' singing, love Colin Firth, Amanda Bynes was great, and it has a happy ending. Highly recommend it!

Cory D (ru) wrote: A very complex and deep story that encourages more than one viewing.

Elek M (ru) wrote: An essential for any Beatles fan

Anthony T (jp) wrote: After the first two films, we expect a lot... However we don't get what we were hoping for.

Dean M (ru) wrote: An absolutely diabolical film, a travesty. Kingsley should be ashamed to be associated with it. The acting throughout, even by Kingsley himself, is not even 2nd rate. A real disappointment, especially because the story itself had merit and could have produced a much better film.

Sanjay T (es) wrote: No scares, just lame murder