Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000

Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000

The European equivalent of "The Return of the Secaucus 7," this Swiss film looks at the lives of several men and women in their 30s as they confront the slim gains of the "revolutionary" sixties. Max, a dissatisfied copy editor; Myriam, a redhead into tantric sex; and Marie, a supermarket checker who gives unauthorized discounts to the elderly, search for renewed meaning on a communal farm. The title character, a six-year-old child, is the carrier of their hopes for the future.

The European equivalent of "The Return of the Secaucus 7," this Swiss film looks at the lives of several men and women in their 30s as they confront the slim gains of the "revolutionary" ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jocey D (fr) wrote: Entertaining high octane adventure with an intelligent educated detective as the hero, the action develops swiftly with the help of his childhood buddy as his fearless sidekick. It hurts to see Detective Doctor Cross' pregnant wife killed in the crossfire of his investigation.

Andrew K (au) wrote: Entertaining film about women workers at Ford's fighting for equal pay with opposition from most sides.

Ahmed S (es) wrote: The only thing about this movie that was worth something, is its tagline, nothing else.

Charlie M (ca) wrote: Woman finds out about a family secret in this tiring drama. Reiner hasn't made an entertaining film since "Misery".

Karen P (ru) wrote: Some issues with this film primarily that it was too long and there was a disconnect with the affair. Didn't see the chemistry.

James K (ag) wrote: if you completely ignore the book it's a good movie. if you expect it to be anything like the book expect to be disappointed.

Henning R (fr) wrote: This movie is well directed by Emilio Estevez and his chemistry with Charlie Sheen is great. I enjoyed watching it, although I'll forget it in about a week. The coke-addiction part could have been cut down though. Throughout the movie there is a great psychedelic score which helps the mood a lot.

Raji K (ag) wrote: Ninjas are known for there grace, speed, and stealth. Who better than to cast as the opposite of all these qualities than Chris Farley in Beverly Hills Ninja. As expected this movie is filled with physical comedy, and that is one of Farley's strengths. He throws his body around like and moves like the Matt Foley and Chippendale skits of his SNL days. This movie is not as well rounded of a comedy or as funny as perhaps Tommy Boy, but Chris Farley fans will likely not skip on this, and nor should they.

Marylou A (ru) wrote: My favorite movie I love this one. Have seen it on 3 video tapes with 3 bdifferent cuts, and would love to see the total uncut version...

Lee M (gb) wrote: The heroine is played by Julie Walters, not long after her Oscar-nominated title role of "Educating Rita," and she has it just right: the tight lips, polite reserve, the proper manner and bearing, all designed to keep passion and sex in different departments, where they belong.

Ivan M (gb) wrote: Brilliant film. Giullietta Masina is a great actress and she gives one of her finest performances in another of Fellini's masterful works. Masina plays Cabiria, a loud-mouthed but gentle prostitute in Rome. We begin by watching what first looks like a romantic outing turn into a brutal mugging, as Cabiria's so-called lover snatches her purse and pushes her in a river, where she almost drowns. When she comes to after being rescued by some children, she furiously stomps to her home (which she owns, as she never fails to proudly mention), yelling out the thief's name and scowling. Ten minutes later however, she's all smiles and seems to have forgotten about the incident as she embarks on something else. This is the kind of structure the film has all the way through, many major events occuring in a series of episodes rather than a traditional structure. I don't think this is Fellini's best film, as there are films virtually impossible to better in his breathtaking filmography, but still a great movie and I urge anyone to watch it.

Jeffrey P (jp) wrote: Some fine performances and trademark Ford staging, but the pacing and rhythm feel off. The theme of "the ones left behind" is taken so far that it sometimes seems to include the audience. Much of the film seems to be connecting material leading to more dramatic off-screen events.

Paul Z (it) wrote: In WWII England a troop of surveyors are dispatched into a characteristically happy-go-lucky and scenic village, though really they are a select assemblage of German officers with orders to seize control of the township on the horizon of a covert German attack in a few days. Director Alberto Cavalcani is smart. Rather than this information creeping up on us like a twist, we grasp this from the start. When one of the villagers grows suspicious, we are in an enhanced state of tension. The Germans hijack the parish, a handful among which refuse to lose hope of alerting the unsuspecting free world around them.Do not make the mistake of presuming that it is an insincere propaganda yarn, considering its era. This is in fact quite an electrifying tale of survival. If so many can overlook the propaganda of obsolete films like Battleship Potemkin, there is certainly room for this picture. It stands out, owing much to its unexpected flashes of violence that are sincerely exhilarating and often frank and uncompromising in terms of the drama. It is not gritty like most modern war films. The quaintly timeless English ambiance, and the consistent theme of it maintaining its spry morale, is a clever and natural juxtaposition to the taut aggression of the conflict, which is thus more well-defined. The relatively unfamiliar cast is plainly high- quality.At its hub, yes, it's a work of propaganda exploiting a thriller story to enrapture its WWII-era British spectators. But mind you, it is based on a story by English writer and WWII MI6 spy Graham Greene. Nevertheless, the English were righteous in that war, remaining the only European country the Germans intended to occupy but never could. This piece grows to be as riveting as any other good movie, and what's more, its unexpected violence causes it to project with particular prominence.

Ashley H (nl) wrote: Dark Victory is an incredible film. It is about a young socialite is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, and must decide whether she'll meet her final days with dignity. Bette Davis and George Brent excellent performances. The screenplay is well written. Edmund Goulding did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama. Dark Victory is a must see.

Blaine M (ru) wrote: This is one of those films that is packed with enough heart that reminds you how fun films can be. Killer motorcycle gangs, nazis and Sasquatch. What else could you ask for?