A young man struggles with the pressure of caring for his terminally ill father while trying to unlock a secret that his father seems determined to keep from him. The story takes another dramatic turn when Ron, Burghardt’s long-lost friend from his youth, re-appears — and a well-kept family secret is uncovered.

Jonathan is a German drama film directed by Piotr J. Lewandowski. A son (Jannis Niewohner) caring for his father (Andre Hennicke), who is dying of terminal cancer, seeks to uncover some family secrets in this intense, erotic drama. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom W (jp) wrote: I feel like I've just wasted an hour and a half of my life watching this tripe.

Whatsit T (nl) wrote: Oh dear gawd! This is the second worst animated rip-off I've ever seen in my life. This is also the second rip-off of "Bee Movie", and is even worse than Video Brinquedo's "Little Bee". And the animation is so horrible that it looks like characters with the graphics of a Nintendo 64 game, and only cost one measly coin to make. And even the tagline tells you that this a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, movie! (reference to the movie title "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World") Final Score: 0/100 (Abysmal)

Antonin C (jp) wrote: Bon ba c'est nul.Reprenons le livre : Ryo tue ses parents a cause de la pression sociale tellement forte qu'ils lui faisaient subir, a tel point qu'il en perdait sa personnalite. Arrive en maison de correction, il represente la bourgeoisie qu'aucun des taulards n'a connu, alors c'est une victime.Avec le karate, il trouvera une raison de vivre, et se laissera aller a tous ses penchants sombres.A la base une victime, mais par n'importe laquelle, car c'est un criminel, il devient le bourreau. Sa progression dans les arts martiaux est due a sa determination, ses aptitudes physiques, mais aussi sa psychopathie, sa folie. En somme, Ryo est un grain de sable dans la mecanique bien huilee de la societe moderne.Cette societe de dressage, ou on est pousse a concommer, produire, regarder spectacle et sport a la television.TOUT a disparu dans ce film.Le personnage de Ryo est pas mal denature, on ne ressent pas ou peu la "folie" de Ryo, qui va meme jusqu'a trouver une copine fixe (non mais bien sur ..). Le film est tres peu violent (un comble !!), le viol est suggere (comme toutes les scenes de sexe d'ailleurs), le sang ne gicle pas ou tres peu (on ne voit pas du tout l'oeil creve de Rangsan renomme Blanka pour le film !), et quand il y a un acharnement violent, c'est toujours dans l'ombre. Les combats sont violents a l'oreille, mais mal filmes, la faute a trop peu de plans larges, donc du coup on a un decoupage alternant celui qui recoit les coups et celui qui le donne, ou alors avec le jeu des premier et arriere plan des fois on a tout dans la meme image mais c'est rare. Par contre c'est sympa qu'ils aient eu des grandes salles pour le ring et le public, l'ambiance est cool.Mais tout ce qui pouvait ressembler a ce cote subversif envers nos societes actuelles a ete efface, ou est tout juste esquisse. Vraiment dommage, il suffisait presque de transposer. C'est un film d'entrainement/baston, different de ceux d'un JCVD car un peu plus glauque quand meme, mais pas franchement meilleur car moins prenant.Le personnage de la soeur perd aussi ce qui la rendait interessante : son cote "je te hais car tu as ete capable de faire ce que moi je n'ai pas eu le cran de faire". Elle devient un element scenaristique presque inutile.Les acteurs manquent pas mal de gueule, surtout Naoto Sugawara. Kurokawa a ete rajeuni (l'acteur qui l'incarne, au demeurant le seul credible, doit etre connu a tous les coups alors il a du etre impose). Au niveau de l'histoire, bien entendu tout n'est pas retranscrit, mais il y a quand meme pas mal de choses dures a avaler, de belles entorses a la narration originale. Puis bon ... 14/15 tomes resumes en 1h45, a eviter quoi...En somme une tres mauvaise adaptation doublee d'un pietre film de baston.Qui n'en veut ?

Tayyab R (jp) wrote: While its accurate to call it the usual teenage film bolywood istyle, the reason I give this feature an extra half a star is for the excellent flow throughout - there was hardly a dull moment which partially makes up for the technical flaws in the plot and execution.

Arslan K (ru) wrote: She looked hot. That's it. This is like a pg version of kill bill

Tyler H (ag) wrote: Absolutely hilarious! One of the best and most underrated comedies of the 2000's, in my honest opinion. This had me cracking up the entire time, I loved the humor, all the characters were really, really funny, and it had a good message too. Highly recommended. 4/5

bob t (kr) wrote: I live it, don't need to indulge any further.

Tammy R (ru) wrote: Sleazy, Cornball of a movie. I was not around when this was made and was curious how Rouke looked without all that surgery. Well I was disappointed, horrible now and then. If you enjoy shoulder pads, hairy pits and legs, bad 80s music and hair than watch it. I was not excepting a 5 star movie but maybe get something out of it. The love scences even were horrible.

Ian T (gb) wrote: Didn't feel like the real deal to me at all. Cartoon character hard man.

Michael L (nl) wrote: i am really suprised that i enjoyed this. this is a worthy entry into the canon of the brazilian new cinema. i think its an interesting portrait of alienation and people on the fringe. there were times of humor, realism, and sadness and overall, is a nice little watch. hot brazilian women who are occasionally nude also help as well

Bob W (jp) wrote: Sort of the third part and least well known of a trilogy of famous car chase police films (the previous being Bullitt and French Connection) with familiar cast.

Justin A (ag) wrote: I watched a movie called The Horror Show the other day and it reminded me of this movie. I hadn't seen Shocker in ages though (and I don't think I had seen it all the way through previously) so I went back and watched this movie.The good news: It's much better than The Horror Show.The bad news: It's still not that good.I feel like this review is a bit skewed. If I hadn't watched The Horror Show before, this movie might not seem quite as good. But I couldn't help but notice a much more slick direction, a more focused screenplay (though it does get a bit ridiculous), and better acting across the board.Sure, this movie is cheesy, but I had fun. The movie didn't rush into the electricity angle and once it did it didn't seem too serious, so I didn't take it as serious as I have taken other movies. I liked how the movie took the first half to sort of establish the characters, even if a lot of murders and mayhem happened. It helped set up a lot of the crazier stuff that happens later (like jumping in and out of TVs).The only big problem I had with the movie was that it was too long. 80 minutes would have been just fine, but it's about 20 minutes longer than it really needed to be. I liked some of the goofier stuff about this movie, and I never expected a classic (though Wes Craven seemed to be trying to recreate a Freddy Krueger character), so I enjoyed it regardless.At the end of the day, at least it was better than The Horror Show (they came out the same year). I think viewers need to have a bit of an open mind and know which Wes Craven they're getting. This isn't Last House on the Left/Hills Have Eyes era Wes Craven. This was People Under the Stairs/Serpent and the Rainbow era Wes Craven. Know what you're getting in to and you'll be less "shocked". Oh, the terrible puns.