Jonathan Austraaliast

Jonathan Austraaliast

The small town locals of Mustjala are the Indians of Estonia - they are ravaged by alcoholism and depression, because they've been ignored by the shiny capitalist dream. But then a German ...

The small town locals of Mustjala are the Indians of Estonia - they are ravaged by alcoholism and depression, because they've been ignored by the shiny capitalist dream. But then a German ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lauren S (ru) wrote: Such a great story. It was truly inspiring. I felt as if I can do anything with The Lord.

Bruno D (jp) wrote: Under World: Rise of the Lycans is the third Under World movie but is a prequel to the first. This is by far the best Under World film altho it isn't saying much since the other aren't that good. This movie gets away from all that boring Matrix copy cat gun action and goes more with medieval sword action which is plus. Altho the plot is daily thin and generic as well as it seems a bit rushed and some characters aren't developed as properly as the should be this was an actual enjoyable watch even if it is has a simplistic plot. The characters are more interesting this time around and we get pretty solid performances from the cast. The setting is also fantastic. It has a really similar look to the battle of helms deep from Lord of the Rings which isn't bad at all and actually seems fitting of a vampire and werewolf shared world. The characters in this film like I said before are a bit under developed. It would have been nice if they spent more time with them seeing as a lot of character motivations and relationships seem forced and out of no where without proper set up. The final battle as well I really wish was longer. It started out really epic like it should but lasts only a couple of minutes and before we get to see enough Vampire vs werewolves medieval action the films over. Also there's a lot of contradictions in this movie which is pretty noticeable if your paying attention. Also you could say the films is kind of pointless since the first film already explains basically what this film does in its 90 minute run time but I'm personally glad they decided to do this film since It's the only one of the franchise I can actually sit through and enjoy. Overall tho this is the most watchable and interesting of the Under World films with solid performances as well as pretty good creature designs and has a rather interesting plot despite it being generic and simple. A lot of the good things about this film is due to pretty good world design and visually interesting set pieces but with a little more work this could have been even better. Over all tho 3/5 and this is being generous because I'm a pretty big werewolf movie fan and this is a type of werewolf movie I've wanted to see even tho the film as a whole probably deserves a lower score.

Ian C (ru) wrote: You can't beat a good courtroom drama. Hopkins is one devious and calculating cunt. A fresh faced Gosling is tasked with taking him down. A serious twitch off Pike.

Joanna R (jp) wrote: Funny about a man with broken dreams and nagging obsessions. It has a diary-like constructions, circling around the inner monologue of the main character. One single days frustrations add up to a fairly sad life, but pictured in a very entertaining way.

Christian C (ca) wrote: What a waste of talent! Christian Bale,Gerard Butler, Matthew McConaughey, Alexander Siddig -- and not a single moment when acting mattered. Why wasn't Ben Kingley in this schlock -- it seems tailor made for him! (Think: "Blood Rayne", but a little better.) This film is muddled beyond belief, but it's pretty, so that counts for sumin'.

Jacob M (es) wrote: love this movie Aztec WARRIOR!!!

shtivelman m (kr) wrote: anther great flim and i love it.

Marnie Z (nl) wrote: I don't like bugs so this movie totally freaked me out. Also it made me itchy... :/

WS W (jp) wrote: The original Japanese manga by Kazuo Koike & Ryoichi Ikegami is so very edgy. This movie adaptation is properly done (way much better off than the 2 cheap ones from Hong Kong, at least).

carol a (de) wrote: i actually bothered to try and!didnt get thru 15minutes.

Chris V (us) wrote: I thought it was pretty funny. The script was awful, but Candy pulled off a hilarious performance. Smoke a bowl and you'll be fine.

Luigi D (nl) wrote: Disturbing, powerful, and out-loud-funny as well as tragic; "Seven Beauties" is the work of a genius, a movie about the WWII unlike any other, and a deeply rich examination of the human condition. Giancarlo Giannini's performance is a creative work of apotheosic value.

Augustine H (au) wrote: Grandiose it may seems, there is not much to take away apart from the authentic depiction of King Ludwig's tragic life.

Simeon D (ag) wrote: A dramatic, remarkable, worthy directorial successor to 12 Angry Men from Sidney Lumet and Rodney Steiger in one of the greatest performances of all time. 100/100

James H (br) wrote: The two leads, Kirk Douglas and Laraine Day really lift this standard and predictable romantic comedy. There is also a great supporting cast. Keenan Wynn is at his best, Helen Walker, Rudy Vallee and Florence Bates all shine. Enjoyable fluff.

Nathan C (jp) wrote: The Original Batman films haven't had any good ideas for plot, But in this case jim Carrey Playing the Riddler does suit him becoming a hilarious villian.I really liked the Fact That Tim Burton Produced this movie before he made a bunch of trash but the Script and Dialog were all over the place.Overall I was a little disappointed!Score: 4/10

Lee G (es) wrote: Credulity is stretched as Cornelius and Zira escape the apocalyptic future of the previous sequel to play fish out of water in 1970s Southern California. It's preposterous but surprisingly thoughtful and philosophical, turning the humans into the "bad guys" for the first time in the series. Except of course for Ricardo Montalban, who saves the day (and steals the last act of the film) as a kindly circus owner with a soft spot for apes.

Alexander E (ag) wrote: it was good but needed more action and a little more story. putting that aside, this movie still makes me wanna see agent 47

Bill B (br) wrote: Russell Mulcahy directs a really decent giant pig story, as Gregory Harrison comes to Australia looking for answers about what happened to his dead wife, whose story about kangaroo poaching brought her to the desolate Outback.For what I'm sure is a fairly low budget production this has some stylish flourishes and is well worth a rental.

Jayakrishnan R (us) wrote: 90%Sweeping battle scenes like this without excessive CGI and all human extras have disappeared from Hollywood and it's exactly why Troy is one of the very best and last epic films with realistic action. Who says it's not emotionally resonant? With acting as great as this and a story better than Iliad from which it's adapted, Troy is memorable.