Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Jonathan is sick and tired of the boring life in his sea-gull clan. He rather experiments with new, always more daring flying techniques. Since he doesn't fit in, the elders expel him from the clan. So he sets out to discover the world beyond the horizon in quest for wisdom.

Jonathan is sick and tired of the boring life in his sea-gull clan. He rather experiments with new, always more daring flying techniques. Since he doesn't fit in, the elders expel him from ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick W (mx) wrote: Between sunglasses-at-night lighting, cameramen with parkinson's, and a plot held together by shoelaces and yak spit, good luck following what the hell is going on in this movie. I'm not even sure what to rate this, cause I still don't know what the hell I just watched, or rather didn't watch. It just wasn't a good day to die hard...

Paula K (jp) wrote: Could have been a lot better than it was if it had more focus.

Deb O (fr) wrote: This was a surprisingly enjoyable caper movie, though it had more violence than we would have expected for a movie that starts out so funny. Also enjoyed some of the Chicago location shots--now I have documentary proof that Gerard Depardieu (and Johnny Hallyday, the French Elvis, who died last year!) have sat in my neighborhood diner! It will give a fresh savor to my occasional BLT and fries. I guess much of the movie was actually shot in Toronto, but the Melrose Diner, at least, really and truly is just around the corner from me here in Chicago.

Ben L (es) wrote: French Kiss is one of the most genuine films I've seen and it really captures what is magical about love. It is more complex than just a simple opposites-attract love story, because there's a lot more going on behind this story. I love how they sell it as if you are watching one love story and eventually you realize that's not true love, we just have to wait for our main character to figure this out as well. Meg Ryan is absolutely perfect in this film, because the story allows her to utilize all her best acting talents. There are few actresses who could pull off the amount of whining and complaining that she does in this film without becoming obnoxious and annoying but Meg Ryan somehow does it. She is beautiful and charming even in her character's weakest moments. On the other side of the love story, I must ask, is Kevin Kline actually French? I just can't believe how perfectly he sells that personality and the language/accent. I'm sure to a native of France he would sound absolutely unconvincing, but to my ear it's perfection. I love the character of Luc, because he is a strange combination of a thief and an idealist. It's like having a scoundrel (like Han Solo) in a romantic comedy. Finally I should mention how perfect Timothy Hutton is as the cad boyfriend who sparks this entire story. He plays clueless and confused without becoming unrealistic, which is actually not that easy.My favorite part of French Kiss is the well-crafted story. It flows so nicely, and carries the characters very logically from one scene to the next. It doesn't feel as contrived as most rom-coms tend to be. It has some good sharp dialogue, and witty one-liners. I also appreciate that it doesn't necessarily fall into the Hollywood cliches about love, instead it takes a more genuine look at what love is about and how you can spot when it is real. I like that Luc advises Kate not to go chasing after her man like a lost puppy, because he's giving her real-life good advice instead of the nonsense you'll often see in movies. The story builds brilliantly and by the end I am completely sold on the fact that the 2 main characters are totally in love. They even set up a few key plot points that come into play later which are so subtle you'd never realize they were going to be addressed again. I'm not sure why French Kiss wasn't one of the most popular romantic comedies of the 90s, but it is definitely one of my favorites. In fact I think it is one of my favorite films of all time. It's not big and flashy, it didn't win any awards or anything, but it makes me feel good every time I watch and that's not so easy to find in films nowadays.

Dani P (nl) wrote: Intense and raw movie by Gus Van Sant. The story is brilliant and River Phoenix shines on it. Although all the cast gives great performances, he portrays the lonely and troubled Mike Waters with such power that he eventually becomes the biggest star on screen. Another thing that I liked is that Van Sant finishes his movie in a sad but honest way. There are few directors who have the courage to do so.

lyn f (nl) wrote: its an old movie, i view this movie when i was in elementary. and i really love this movie.

Anthony C (mx) wrote: great story, good acting

Christina W (fr) wrote: It's good, but sadly, it's kind of hokey at times. Still, I love all the actors in it. I enjoyed it! I don't know much about Lady Jane: it made me want to do some research.

Skyler B (nl) wrote: David Cronenberg's best, and possibly James Woods' best. A horrifying body-horror film that is at once both a burning satire and a glorious bit of existential dread wrapped up into one awesome movie.

Andres G (ru) wrote: Another stupid comedy about the mid-life crisis of a man and his obsession with a beautiful woman, until he realizes that the obsession is senseless. Quite similar to other movies la "The Woman in Red".

Pierre B (fr) wrote: Que les combats l'epee soient mauvais, passe encore... Mais qu'un mec fasse tomber une des enormes pierres de Stonehenge... Heresie ! Je quitte ce film, ne me retenez pas !

Xavier G (kr) wrote: This movie was terrible

Ryan A (mx) wrote: Silly and unfunny remake of a French movie of the same name.

Tony P (nl) wrote: Oh dear. What can I say except I feel as if I have aged 45 years watching this feature.The low budget UK film focuses on the 45th wedding anniversary of Kate and Geoff Mercer (Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courteney).Shortly prior to the anniversary party Geoff receives the news that his pre-marriage sweetheart has been found frozen and preserved in a Switzerland glacier.Kate is shocked to discover that Geoff is the next of kin as the Swiss authorities were wrongly under the impression that the dead lady and Geoff were married.To cut a long (and dreary) story short Kate feels not worthy.Kate is a retired schoolteacher with the mannerisms of Mrs. McCluskie off Grange Hill.I can imagine Norfolk couple Kate and Geoff discussing the merits of the pedestrianisation of Norwich City Centre over the dinner table!Certainly a film I won't ever watch again.It has the production values of an episode of a Channel 4 TV program and the boredom factor to boot.