Jonny Vang

Jonny Vang

Three friends since childhood are trying to work out their complicated relationships. Jonny tries to be best friends with Magnus, Magnus tries to be married to Tuva, and Tuva tries to have sex with Jonny.

Three friends since childhood are trying to work out their complicated relationships. Jonny tries to be best friends with Magnus, Magnus tries to be married to Tuva, and Tuva tries to have sex with Jonny. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark R (nl) wrote: Movie is an insult to Rick rioden

Brian P (au) wrote: 1 , 2 knock out punch! 1 million dollars knock out punch! This drama is about streets of New York , trying to make it big , but reality ... Gotta fight to be the king! Briefcase in hand ! I'm going to Disney world! :p

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Iryna K (gb) wrote: As I was watching this movie I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I mean - come on! What is she doing! I actually hated Heidi, who's supposed to be the main character, and I felt that she could be less messed up. I mean - it's like she was on drugs. Or had her brain removed or seriously damaged. Maybe because I'm not a teenager anymore - but they can't be this reckless! I did like how Joe couldn't quite put a finger on it :) He likes Heidi almost from the very beginning but admitting it to himself would be so... not like him. So that was nice. And I felt sorry for him, what with his dad's attitude and Heidi leaving and all. Not sure if it's acting or just young Worthington :)

Nilufer R (kr) wrote: It was alright, nothing special. Just a cute romantic comedy which is not that romantic neither that funny.

Jon C (jp) wrote: a clever enough comedy about family and its communityever wonder what life is like in a barbershop? well this movie centers on a particular one in Chicago; it's where people come together as a whole, talk about what they want, when they want, and at the end of the day they enjoy coming in and coming outbeing something as simple as a barber is a craft able to bring something to the tablenext to finding out how much the shop means to Calvin there's also a funny little subplot involving Anthony Anderson trying to crack open an ATM machine lots of well-deserved laughs, moments of clarity and warmth, discussions about racial tensions, oppression, and surviving in a rough part of a neighborhood make 'Barbershop' way more insightful than you'd expect

Bradley W (gb) wrote: Jonah is honestly a childhood favorite of mine, a film that sticks true to the fun and source but also gives some great lessons. VeggieTales just knows how to bring out the kid in me.

Melody M (es) wrote: Cute. Also had more significance than I imagined. I really thought this film would "only" be cute, but the struggles between characters and cliques left some stuff to think about and/or discuss. Plus, I like Joan Hart's wit. However, the situations were a little exaggerated to get across a point. Worth seeing, though.

Calum F (ag) wrote: I don't know why critics hate this film. I enjoyed this action thriller. Sly stallone and Antonio banderas were great in this film. If u love stallone or banderas give this film a chance it's good fun trust me

Peter B (fr) wrote: this movie rules. it's basically the cinematic equivalent of Kevin Bacon taking you out into the wilderness and teaching you how to be a man.

Francesca B (us) wrote: British Dark humor at it's best! This movie is like Trainspotting, Babel and Pulp Fiction all rolled into one! It truly relates to human social behavior and gives us all an insight into our race an place in this world.

Mikey S (kr) wrote: Vince Vaughn played a really likeable leading character in this family comedy. It was great to see how he wanted to connect with his children, and it happened to have a neat storyline. There were no laugh out loud moments, and I did not really laugh too much in general, but the drama part of the movie really interested me. I enjoyed this movie very much.

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