Joris en Boris en het Geheim van de Tempel

Joris en Boris en het Geheim van de Tempel


When Joris (Martijn Nellestijn) and Boris (Richard de Ruijter) of a notary is an important but mysterious heirloom in hands, the duo goes in search of the precious possessions of their ancestors. While Inspector Jankers (Frederick the Great) thinks that the duo wants something naughty tricks, he follows them to the island of Cyprus. If George and Boris friends with Max, Michael and Anna end up in the hotel Aunt (Inge Ipenburg) and her sidekick Grudo (Bartho Braat). These two, however suspiciously interested in the quest of the group of friends ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joel M (ca) wrote: 7/10: The greatest half hour special to ever air! Forget about the continuity, but the humor had me laughing out so loud! Very, very well done.

Hal M (ca) wrote: Amusing, skillfully made attempt at showing how the imagination of small children works when they play with their toys. Horses can play the piano; walls fall down when they aren't stacked right; submariner humanoids may come up through your pond to steal some of your cowboy & Indian's stuff; a traffic cop's kiosk can morph into a foreboding prison... and so forth. This is NOT the same as Toy Story. Toy Story was the product of a very adult imagination applied to come-to-life toys. THIS movie is animated by the much less reality-bound imagination of kids about three years old. I've given it a 70% rating and do recommend it. I wouldn't rush out to watch a sequel or other highly similar film however. (I say that partly because there is a TV series associated with this, which screens in Europe).

JJ W (es) wrote: This is "Let the Right One in" mixed with "Dragula" while incorporating the themes of forbidden love and hubris of "Splice". In fact, the ending is pretty much "Splice". Yet it's more mediocre than all three of the movies it borrows. Outcast starts off fairly strong and sets up the entire sequence fairly well. Yet, the more it tries to develop its story the more it creates plotholes. I've always found it ironic that government workers and the police are so inept in movies like this but are so unbelievably skilled in CSI. It's a shame the writer opted to basically make everyone but the main characters idiots for the convenience of the plot. Ultimately, Outcast is a very competent movie but the more the movie progresses the more mediocre it feels.

Jey A (br) wrote: 1. All of them are bloodthirsty Terrorists without exception.2. See above.(Yes I am joking. I'm not that much of an ignorant prick)

Nate H (nl) wrote: If I knew I was about to die, I'd do more exciting things than pay my bar tab and give my girlfriend false hope.

Jackson L (mx) wrote: Fun, charming and romantic. Absolutely great soundtack.

Keith T (us) wrote: This Vietnam movie got buried under its contemporaneous cousins The Deer Hunter and Coming Home at the time of its release. Apocalypse Now following a little while later also didn't help. That was a pity, because in lots of ways it's a great telling of the origins of the American entanglement in Vietnam, with an excellent performance by Burt Lancaster. Perhaps it will yet get an accidental Indian Summer of recognition on the back of 300 and Meet the Spartans!

Eric R (ru) wrote: I put off watching "Ace High" for years for the simple fact that it's a sequel to "God Forgives... I Don't" (which hasn't been given an American DVD release) and the second film into what is referred to the Cat Stevens Trilogy ("Ace High" being followed by "Boot Hill"). While stuck at home recovering from jaw surgery I finally decided to throw it in. I've watched plenty of sequels in Italian cinema (like "Run Man Run" and "Violent Naples") without the luxury of watching the first films beforehand and they made sense so why not "Ace High". Sure enough "Ace High" was not only watchable enough on its own, but it is also one of the better Spaghetti Westerns I've seen in a while. And all this time I put it off just for the simple fact it was a 'sequel'. Damn you cult Euro film series and US distributors for not releasing all entries into a franchise!We open with two morally ambiguous drifters (Terence Hill and Bud Spencer) arriving into a town and by sheer threat alone get their hands a large sum of money. In comes Elli Wallach, who escapes from jail, robs our two brutes of their cash, and then decides to ride across the countryside spreading the wealth amongst the general public. Hill and Spencer of course don't take to kindly to their assets being given away and they capture, and recapture Wallach numerous times in order to get their cash back while Wallach at the same time tries to get revenge on the 'friends' that left him to rot in prison.Die hard spaghetti western fans will notice right away the team-up of Hill and Spencer but don't be fooled into thinking this is going to be a slap stick comedy in the vein of their "Trinity" films to come. "Ace High", though not without its moment's of humor, is a rather serious spaghetti western and to be honest I much prefer this approach as opposed to the slap-stick overload in the "Trinity" films. The humor here is well-place and funny without overshadowing the serious nature of the film (which I have heard, but cannot attest too, is a little more light-hearted than the first film "God Forgives... I Don't").The wonderful third addition to the cast is American actor Eli Wallach, hot of the heels of his wonderful portrayal of the half-breed Tuco in Sergio Leone's "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." His character here, a half-breed Greek named Cacopoulos, is much in the same mold as Tuco. He's cunning, over-zealous, a sense of humor not without a streak of deadliness. Not as strong of a character as Tuco but for fans of Wallach, this character will not disappoint.The look of the film is also great, taking great inspiration from teh Leone films to come before it. Lots of great sun blasted, windy desert landscapes and plenty of cool camera angles supplied by genre veteran Giuseppe Colizzi. He gives the film a look of a top tier Spaghetti Western and fans of Leone will definitely like the look here. If I would have to make a few complaints is that the film is tad to long, running over two hours, so it can drag at some moments and the score surprisingly is very unmemorable, very uncommon in the Spaghetti Western genre.Paramount pictures picked up "Ace High" for U.S. distribution no doubt due to the fact it stars Eli Wallach. Hell they even plastered his name above everyone else's name on the U.S. prints and poster artwork and all theater goers were blind to the fact that this was a actually a sequel. This is also why I haven't seen the first film as Paramount released "Ace High" on DVD in American but the first film is impossible to find. Considering how much I liked "Ace High" with its great cast, grand look and serious story with perfectly sprinkled moments of humor, I need to locate a copy of "God Forgives... I Don't" asap! Now only if we can also convince Wild East to re-release the third entry into the series "Boot Hill" on DVD was well...

Michael C (mx) wrote: Okay thriller, good twist ending and Sean Bean. Worth a watch for the slow burn plot and story.

Charles G (fr) wrote: I thought with the cast it could have done more and better. However; I am glad I watched it by getting it from NetFlix.

Karen H (es) wrote: 2016-12-27 kept hubby's attention better than tonight's other movie

Rob A (br) wrote: A funny and entertaining movie. Meryl Streep is awesome even in a silly comedy. The special effects were pretty mind-blowing when this movie came out, and they still hold up today.