Joroo Ka Ghulam

Joroo Ka Ghulam

Film starring Nanda, Rajesh Khanna and Sharad Kumar

Kalpana and Rajesh have a chance encounter, which eventually leads to love. While Rajesh is poor, and lives all by himself, Kalpana comes from a wealthy family, and her dad, Shyamlal wants ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Joroo Ka Ghulam torrent reviews

Callum C (au) wrote: This was relisee in theatres?!?

Kathy B (ca) wrote: Good movie based on a true story from NC. Sad times in our nations history.

Mike B (ca) wrote: See if you can guess what this one is about...

Reggie S (kr) wrote: A Japanese anime captures the bitter-sweet poignancy of what it means to be 'christmasy' better than anything in the cut-and-paste Western canon.

laurie e (de) wrote: i had to watch cuz i?ve the strangest attraction to peter coyote, but as expected it was fairly dorky.

Jed G (au) wrote: Though it has a few good laughs, this sequel falls short because of overly gross humor and ridiculousness.

Alan B (ag) wrote: The critics may rubbish it,but there have been many many worse action flicks.Unbelievable with terrible storyline yes but it passes a couple of hours.

Guti H (gb) wrote: Intense movie based on a true story

Umar M (fr) wrote: just an ok movie....

Adam C (au) wrote: It's junk. It's a bright-colored, CGI junk. It's lousy, it's dumb and it's nothing enjoyable. The fight scenes are just scenes being repeated again and again. The storyline sucks, the acting is terrible, and everything about this movie is junk. I don't know why I thought it was good but now, I know it's just a piece of trash that should stay in the trash. Mega Shit Vs Giant piece of garbage.

Michelle A (nl) wrote: A little funny but had a hard time keeping me watching