José do Telhado

José do Telhado


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:1945
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:mountain,   gang,  

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José do Telhado torrent reviews

Sandy S (ru) wrote: Hated the ending. I wanted him to get his reward, but then he died.

Lawrence W (jp) wrote: Underrated! Hilarious, unpredictable, well-acted! Largely went unnoticed... unfortunate.

Sean C (ru) wrote: Not well made, but I'm a sucker for the subject matter.

Zachary G (nl) wrote: hilariously awful. the childs voice kept me laughing everytime and the ending was absurd and just stupid as fuck.. i was suprised to see how many children stars i saw in this though.

Private U (ru) wrote: I enjoyed seeing the process of the making of a handmade piano. It was great to see people take pride in that. It was also nice to see that hard work pay off as the artists reacted to being "with" the instruments.

Jason H (it) wrote: A Fast and Furious copycat except the storyline sucked even more in this one. The cars were nice but the racing was totally unrealistic. Did I mention the bad acting?

Marko G (it) wrote: enka je boljsa ... je pa neki dobrih igralk :)

David L (jp) wrote: Waking Life is, as most of Linklater's works, filled with philosophical dialogues and thought-provoking questions and thoughts, some of them are less interesting here, but some are very smart and make you think. Its dreamlike animation looks cheap, but it is also fitting due to the film's nature and the movie makes use of it as well as fine score rather well. It may be uneven and even pretentious, but it is a smart film filled with many interesting ideas and questions.

Rod (kr) wrote: Good movie, though its muslim bias and doenst talk about the muslim atrocities, still a good film

Giuseppe P (ag) wrote: Un poetico testamento di un Chaplin consapevole dei tempi che cambiano e un'ennessima, brillante riflessione sulla vita, vista stavolta come contrapposizione tra giovinezza e vecchiaia. Indimenticabile il duetto comico con Buster Keaton, inno nostalgico al cinema muto.

James S (us) wrote: I realize that the whole purpose of going to a musical such as this is to see Fred dance & see the guy get the girl. That is about all that went on in this movie. Musical or not, I need a plot. This film had one...extremely weak, but it did have one. Fred dancing on the ceiling & dancing with a coat rack is worth the price of admission. If one wants a plot or one wants to show the world that musicals are true movies with story and all that, look somewhere else.

Joseph A (kr) wrote: I found this film better the second time around and, of course, beautiful in its Criterion release.