Joseph Kilian

Joseph Kilian


A year after Franz Kafka's work had been translated from German into his native Czech, this experimental feature was full of Kafka's tone and style. The story is about Harold, an isolated figure in an overwhelming world of totalitarian bureaucracy. Harold tries to find the elusive Joseph Kilian, an old acquaintance, in Prague. When Harold stumbles across a state-run cat-lending store, he impulsively rents a feline for the day. Later, he attempts to return the cat and finds that the store no longer exists. Now with a furry companion, Harold continues his search for Kilian. Written and directed by Pavel Juracek, this 40 minute film effectively aims its allegorical shots at personality cults and the absurdities of a totalitarian regime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard W (ca) wrote: A great understated performance from Tom Hardy and a decent script turn what could have been a one-note bore-fest into a fascinating human drama.

Shawn Y (jp) wrote: Acting - loved the main characters. Nothing cliche and lovable to the endOriginality - cant say I have watched a romance revolved around toe writing but story telling and sets were fantasticDirecting - captured the best and surreal moments but did feel a little longer than it should have beenStory - well told and written with real characters Moral - heart felt and cute. Definite moral in the end

Nick W (ag) wrote: Could've been so much better

Just B (jp) wrote: I saw that no one from the RT Community or Top Critics had written a review for this film, so I decided to watch it and write one myself to sort of "take one for the team" or something. I see now why no one else had... There is literally no point whatsoever in actually watch this film unless you simply want to see the actors. Nothing occurs visually that requires or assists you by viewing it. In fact, after the first three room scenes finally passed, I played BubbleBreaker on my PDA and listened for nearly the rest of the movie with the occasional glance at the screen just in case. That was fruitless. This movie is pointless. It's not a "day in the life" kind of movie, it's more of a "few minutes out of a few couple's lives". The dialogue is tedious and seems forced. The conversations are of the kind you'd only ever experience if you were to happen to overhear them and because of that be glad you nor anyone that you know is like that. There is no time given to any character to give them depth nor to instill any sense of sympathy, interest, or concern for what happens to them. I once had a root canal that lasted about as long as this film and, really, had a better time with that because I at least wasn't thoroughly bored. Grueling, tedious, boring, pointless. Those are the kindest words I can summon to describe the experience that is Room 314. And make no mistake, I'm all for brief glimpses into other people's lives/day-in-the-life a la Young People F**ing or Dazed and Confused. Or, for "hotel room story" films, there is always 4 Rooms. Not this. Don't bother.

Joshua L (us) wrote: I luv movies like this. they're like human journeys of discovery and this 1 was real good. i luved it

Jon C (jp) wrote: you could call this the precursor to 'Fifty Shades of Grey'think about it; you have a woman begging for a job, a man named Mr. Grey, and plenty of unusual sexual fetishes it's darker than your average romantic-comedy considering the bizarre context it deals withat times you ask how far is Lee willing to go for this man she works for? is she in too deep or is this man more than what he appearspeople really do have strange preferences and standards in the workplace and when it comes to physical expression it's quite complicatedMaggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader play really complex, stubborn people stuck in a relationship that veers from professional to personal and they're both very good at it

Alex S (au) wrote: It's not good, which is sad to see since there are quite a few well-established actors in front of the camera and a powerhouse director behind it. Crackers tries to be one of these heist comedies, like a smaller scale Ocean's 11, but lacks any sense of wit or style and ends up being just bland and boring.

Chris W (mx) wrote: A year after the mess that was Father's Day Billy Crystal returned with another stinker and, while this one isn't quite as awful, it's still pretty stinkin' bad. Inspired by his experience meeting Andre the Giant during The Princess Bride, Crystal plays a third rate talent agent struggling to get by. While on assignment in Romania, he gets in a car accident and is saved by a gentle giant named Max who clocks in at nearly 8 feet tall (NBA player Gheorghe Muresan is 7'7"). Seeing a lot of promise in him, Crystal's Sammy tries his best to get Max into the big time, and salvage what's left of his failing career and life. As you might expect, there's a lot of hurdles to get through, and of course, being a scheming weasel, Sammy has some tough lessons to learn about life and humanity. This really could have been a sincere, earnest, and good film. Unfortunately it's handled with little subtlety, originality, and nuance, so the end result is really trite, predictable, and cringe worthy. As a dramedy it's really not all that funny, and the dramatic elements more often than not fall flat and come off as disingenuous and unearned. I'll admit that the Catholic jokes at the monastery and the stuff with Steven Seagal worked and were funny, and I liked a few of the dramatic bits, but overall this was fairly insufferable. I hated the gawking, the obvious routes the film went, and the generally exploitative nature of the proceedings. I felt bad for Muresan, and hope they paid him well for all the stuff done at his expense. Had there been a stronger script, better execution, and a lot more tact, humanity, and heart, then yeah, maybe I'd be on board here. But instead this is shameful, dull, and has almost nothing worthwhile to offer.

Adam R (ru) wrote: You know what is coming, but that doesn't make it any less gripping. Billy Bob Thornton gives a remarkable performance as the sympathetic main character, Karl Childers. (First and only full viewing - 6/21/2011)

Geoff J (ru) wrote: Ridden, as specified in Pyun's contract, with people wandering around abandoned industrial buildings. It gets to nigh Santiago/Woo brilliance at points, which is odd because I just used "brilliance" to describe "Pyun" without following it up with "but..."

Adam A (gb) wrote: Michael Madsen's first movie. A christian-fuel romp through alcoholism. Basically Alcoholism For Dummies. If you want to stop drinking, turn your life over to God and things should turn around in about a day or two. Maybe the worst film I've ever seen, god bless Madsen.

dan u (es) wrote: Lovely movie - beautiful dancing and singing. Love Fred and Bing!

Jacob T (kr) wrote: This is the 13th James bound movie. I do not know why people do not like it. It is a great movie. It is better then the first 12 James bound movies. The first 12 movie of James bound are good this better. See it. The 14th part to the original James Bound series A view to a kill is a little better. This is a great film see it.

Manuel S (br) wrote: I have always believed that there is more to the bible than what Church wants us to know about, and this movie gives a little glimpse about what some believe to be the real Gospel. I don't know if this is true or not, but I DO believe the Church as we know it is hiding something.

Tom S (ag) wrote: Ehhh! Had potential. Some cool concepts but never really hit its.