Jailor Manmohan Krishan is responsible for looking after convicts undergoing sentences of rigorous imprisonment. He has a young, beautiful and captive daughter named Shalini. Shalini is a ...

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Hindi
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Jailor Manmohan Krishan is responsible for looking after convicts undergoing sentences of rigorous imprisonment. He has a young, beautiful and captive daughter named Shalini. Shalini is a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hugh R (jp) wrote: This movie is terrible and digusting beyond any hope of being entertaining or funny.Let's see;Minotaur graphically butt-rapes a slave boy? CheckChild molestation by drug addled puppet/wizard? CheckGenitalia-less troll running around nude? CheckDoes it get worse from there? CheckAnd let's not forget the horrible British accents, bodily function jokes, pratfalls, and other items that may sound like they were going to be funny in a Monty Python kind of way but won't even make you laugh in discomfort. When a movie like this comes out it is obviously meant, in at least a small way, to be a parody. The "Fantasy" genre is ripe with clichs that just ache to be lampooned and, when done well, you can get an amazing comedy with wit and attention to detail. What this movie did was take the mind of a drunken and lonely middle-school pervert and marry it to swords and sorcerers. When this concept was pitched I bet the studio executives had no idea that this was what the writer really had in mind. When fans heard Natalie Portman and James Franco they figured there was a chance of funny if only to laugh at how bad they were for the parts. They certainly did not expect stories of children jerking off a wizard and Zooey Deschanel trying to devour a severed Minotaur penis. I mean, I didn't expect to be rolling on the floor laughing, but I at least thought we would see a competent attempt at comedy.Crude comedy is one thing, but this movie should never have been made. This was a cheap excuse to put bad ideas in a bad movie and collect a big paycheck. In a film like this the characters need to play it straight and avoid over acting and "nudging" the audience to see if they get it. This was more like being smacked in the face with a dead fish and then having the fish smell described to you...for 90 minutes.

Jenn T (us) wrote: Mediocre acting but decent (although predictable) plot line.

Russell C (ca) wrote: The DVD street date is 2/19/2008

Troy D (ru) wrote: The very simple case of what should be a straight forward sci-fi movie made completely unbearable by it's direction and it's bleak color pallete which consists of a variation of black or grey. Pretentious French film making at it's worst!

Vitor A (it) wrote: Spanish SUBS(May not play well on some DVD's)

Rickey T (ag) wrote: Carrey's performance saves this sorry excuse for a Batman movie. I couldn't for the life of me pay attention to the plot, and when I did pay attention, it was hard to take it seriously.

Shane P (es) wrote: I miss Spalding Gray.

Eva S (kr) wrote: ... it was amusing... but it was as if it was't meant to be. I might have overlooked something but i really didn't enjoy it.

TheRantingAnchor R (ca) wrote: Better than most sequels, and certainly better than the other sequels.

Randy P (jp) wrote: Its boring, not fresh, and not something I want to see again.

Mark T (mx) wrote: Since his early success with the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, director Tobe Hooper has turned in to one of the worst film makers out there. In saying that, this is one of his better films of recent times, and is very well shot.

Gian C (us) wrote: definitely the best one of the series

Kimma S (de) wrote: Poor imitation of a Wes Anderson film.

James O (br) wrote: A really boring re-telling of a children's classic but with a twist. The biggest twist is that in this film version we have to endure the painfully irritating narration of James Cordon. Even his smug presence aside, this slow moving bore fest has little to recommend.