Joshû sasori: 701-gô urami-bushi

Joshû sasori: 701-gô urami-bushi

Once again on the lam, Matsu is helped by a strip club worker who holds a grudge against the detective who's trying to find her.

Nami (Meiko Kaji) is once again on the run from the law but is saved by an old classmate who works at a strip club. Through a subsequent conversation they discover they both have a score to settle with a particular crooked cop. However, Nami has doubts about ever trusting a man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James H (ru) wrote: This has got to be one of the worst movies I ever had to sit through. The title does not even match what this film is about. It should have been called "A girl is captive but can leave and chooses to stay." I wasted my time watching this and DO NOT recommend this to anyone ever!

Savanna B (mx) wrote: A slightly confusing story. You definitely have to pay attention to it when you watch it. Ryan Reynolds was great. A strange concept for a movie.

Ben A (nl) wrote: A solid, heartwarming "midday movie" quality film. Pretty sweet. Gotta love Christine Baranski.

Jason J (kr) wrote: A great little Korean rom-com about a plain clumsy woman who starts learning English in a class for work and falls for a handsome man nicknamed Elvis in it. But he's got other women on his mind most notably his teacher called Cathy. This doesn't stop Candy from trying her best to win him over. Na-yeong Lee is hilarious as Candy who struggles to learn English. As with other Korean comedies you've got to have a dramatic sub-plot and this has one about a family being split apart. If you're after a fun movie to watch then this comes recommended with plenty of laughs in it.

Jacob B (mx) wrote: Unsettling and gritty to it's core, Saving Private Ryan is the kind of film that would put many people off of watching twice due to it's disturbing imagery... but for me it just makes it even better.A

Claudette A (es) wrote: I knew about this title but don't know how? So I decided to watch it after doing an Asian lecture. It's a very interesting story line of two orphan boys growing up and eventually getting into the Beijing Opera. Though the poor Chinese people & all the political termoil & wars they went through. Wasn't the Chinese Cultural Revoultion the worst political regime in history? Long movie.............

Jon T (ru) wrote: Plucky Norwegian boy Haakon elects to be a cabin boy on a merchant's ship to save his farm from financial ruin. While crossing the seas, his ship is nearly hijacked by the infamous pirate Merrick (a snarling, gleefully nasty Gabriel Byrne) when it is sunk in a storm. Washing up stranded on a tropical island, Hakon discovers the pirate's treasure and fashions booby-traps to keep Merrick at bay. By his side is a pretty, spunky stowaway orphan named Mary and the faithful sailor Jens. There are places where this otherwise lively seagoing (no pun intended) adventure feels a bit rushed, as if the filmmakers were trying to rapidly get through the opening scenes before getting into the meat of the adventure. But other than that and the sometimes cardboard cut (but likable) characters, this Disney production is good old-fashioned fun. Suspenseful, action-packed, and never boring, the film mixes "Treasure Island" with "Home Alone", particularly in the latter half of the movie, to good effect. In short, SHIPWRECKED is not a movie you'll be calling a classic by any means, but it is quite enjoyable nonetheless.

angel m (mx) wrote: Popular boy and girl on their way to collage .. Stop to mess around and WHOOPS?? They get preggo.. perfect example of how hard times bring two people in love together* Fantastic Real Look Into How Things Are Still .. For young Couples.. The In Laws .. The Bills .. The baby Blues ... And All The people that try to Make Things Worse When You are allready down On Luck In Life* Great Family Film ... I Think all Teens Should see This ... Its Like Sex Ed ... With The Baby And All The struggels that come with Being a Parent *

Jaden K (it) wrote: What can I say that hasn't already been said?

Anna L (ca) wrote: Good Lord, that was filthy.

Sakari L (br) wrote: Moreau gives a memorable performance in this otherwise pretty hollow and overtly stylized film. Still, Losey's interesting even when he's trying too hard with heavy symbolism and quotes from the Bible. The longer 120 min Scandinavian version didn't seem to add much to the film - a good 50 mins is told to be lost forever.

Leighton T (gb) wrote: A brilliant piece of film cynicism taken from Sinclair Lewis's equalling biting novel and the adapted stage play. Burt Lancaster is at his most memorable here: vibrant and meaty, he rips and roars as the title character and Jean Simmons provides a wonderful, quiet counterpart to his con, but still believing character. They are both dichotomies and twins and the way both evolve is meticulously and brilliantly handled, both by the script and the actors. Smaller roles give wonderful voice, like a Greek chorus almost, to the themes of the film (and lead characters), and exemplifies what an eye-opening, even damning, medium film can be when done right. Brooks handles the film very well from opening to close, allowing the pace to slowly burn its way to the explosive finale, both literally and metaphorically. I found it a very powerful story simply because I've grown up around the religious community all my life and to see the way a volatile topic like this was handled so bluntly, honestly, so well-rounded and passionately makes me very pleased. Usually these are one-sided, and though Lewis himself was Atheist, he still could see the other side of the coin. In film, that other side has gone quite dark, or really is basically gone at this point.

Russ B (au) wrote: 8/27/2016: I'm not sure how accurate this "true" story was, but the movie was very good. It was long and boring at times, but getting to the finish made it all worth while.

Jessica S (fr) wrote: Not to bad of a thriller, worth a watch.

Marilee A (us) wrote: He certainly has good taste in Women, and I still love you too Pierce Brosnan