After his engagement ends badly, Josh decides to take advantage of his bachelor-party plans in Ojai, California, with the few friends still willing to join him. Focused on drugs and their own hangups, his self-absorbed friends refuse to confront the elephant in the room and ask Josh how he’s feeling. As welcome and unwelcome guests stop by, Josh will attempt to find some closure over this weekend with the guys.

Four months after the suicide of his fiancee (Alison Brie), a man (Thomas Middleditch) and his buddies (Adam Pally, Alex Ross Perry) decide to take advantage of what was supposed to be his bachelor party in Ojai, California. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adharsh E (au) wrote: started to watch the movie with excitement....Every one hated Multistar movies(20-20.christian brothers...).But watching this movie will change that prejudice... Movie starts with slow pace and it become a race of humor,emotions,love.Every one,each one of the character have something special........ Bangalore Days Review The movie starts with Nivin Pauly introducing other characters. Divya (Nazriya), Aju(Dulquer) and Kuttan (Nivin) are childhood friends, living in Kerala. Their characters also are very different from each other. Divya is a very charming bubbly girl, Kuttan is a very normal guy and Aju a wanderer. Their ambition is to go to Bangalore one day and celebrate life for a few days in the garden city. Certain unavoidable circumstances lead to Divya's marriage with a guy (Fahad) who has extremely opposite character of her. Fahad is a well employed, serious & rough guy who is settled in Bangalore. After wedding Divya moves to Bangalore with husband. Eventually Kuttan and Aju also come down to Bangalore for various reasons. At this moment Fahad has to leave to US for an official assignment which leaves the childhood friends again together in the city where they once dreamed of coming. What happens next is the soul of the movie. The initial combination scenes between the friends are damn funny. Nivin leads the fun parade from the front. His physical transformation to impress Isha Talwar is a fun ride. The film is close to three hours which is too long in Mollywood. The second half starts with a lag and gets interesting towards the twist. Dulquer's love track was dragging but he was too good in his rough avatar and especially in the climax. The bike racing during the climax is excellent. Though Fahad was a bit silent in the first half, was at his best towards the end. All other supporting cast were good. Overall this movie has A HUGE HIT written all over it. Into the technical side, songs are great to listen as well as watch. Nice camera work and top notch back ground music. Excellent script and direction.Ending was good...Emotional story A MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!

Julie R (jp) wrote: excellent film, je l'ai vraiment aim.

Ana B (ag) wrote: French melodrama about a young opera singer, and the relationships she has with her family and friends. Lolita is young, talented and overweight, but the very thing that holds her down is the inferiority complex she has because of her father's fame. Lolita believes everybody around her is only interested in her father's success, including all her boyfriends. It is indeed that weird bond between them two the true motor of this movie, love and jealousy, admiration and envy, rejection and fear of failure are cleverly mixed in this light melodrama that has been marketed for some reason as a comedy. There are indeed touches of humour all over but they feel like a contrast with Lolita's struggle and disappointment.There is also the interesting sideline of Lolita's teacher and her husband. They impersonate a couple that is being rebranded and redefined by the success of the man's latest novel. This newly acquired status of "famous" changes their objectives, their friends and ultimately their relationship.It is an original film about the meaning of success but without the archetypes Hollywood got us used to. The characters feel real, not made up and they all evolve in a believable way realising their mistakes and learning from them but without making a fuss. This is touching, easy to follow story and an honest film.

Tracy L (mx) wrote: Cool to see James Cameron, Bill Pulman and another cast member actually go down and see Titanic. You'd never get me down there. That's for sure!

Yucky O (br) wrote: Clive Barker's visuals and ideas help hold together a clunky and awkward effort with a unique twist on a detective story. It's originality and execution of ideas makes it stand apart even if you have to suffer from an extremly uncomfortable Bakula sex scene.

Taylor C (br) wrote: The single greatest film ever made.

Russell S (kr) wrote: One of the better Ernest movies, it's sincere feel really works in its favour and the guy who plays Santa is largely responsible for that. He's an absolute gem. In fact the casting department didn't put a foot wrong here in all of their choices. The gags and silliness mostly work well and the script 'aint half bad at all. A Guilty, childish, cartoonish pleasure.

Joe V (au) wrote: If this was a spagetti western it would be a cult sensation. but the combinatin of gary busey and Willie NElson is fabulous .

william s (ag) wrote: this looks interesting :))

Alex W (gb) wrote: This film starts off with Maurece Chevalier character who has the funniest lines in the movie. Our 2 stars have some clever quips back and forth between then but all the laugh out loud moments come from Chevalier's flawless delivery. Hepburn is angelic and instantly lovable, and can hold her own against the seasoned gary cooper. This film was a commercial failure and that failure was largely blamed on the age diffrence between the two leads which i find strange because a younger woman being attracted to a successful experienced older man is very common and nothing new. The age difference made complete sense from my perspective. This is a fairly lighthearted romantic comedy but its very fun to watch cooper and hepburn compete with each other while they each fall deeper in love with the other. I also noticed that from a modern perspective you would assume each is having sex with all of there respective "lovers" (and with each other) but I don't believe that was the public perception at the time.

Matt H (ag) wrote: Just can't compare favorably with the original The Philadelphia Story. Not bad, just mediocre.

Gregory W (br) wrote: amazing performances garfield's final screen role.

Kristine U (us) wrote: Fun film noir with an entertaining premise

Rick I (gb) wrote: Could have been a SyFy movie.