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Jotai torrent reviews

FilmGrinder S (us) wrote: "You're just going to have to BLOW ME away."-Flirty Harry (Adrien Brody)Flirty Harry was completely offensive and completely hilarious.

Wes G (mx) wrote: Best thing about this film is the couple feels real. They have fights over stupid things and have genuine conversations. This film is told out of order like 500 days of Summer, they came out about the same time. The technique doesn't really help the story and Summer did it better.

Tonya V (nl) wrote: I really enjoyed this one. The complicated relationships between the characters and Gabriel's struggle with his life was so well played out. Excellent acting!

Eduardo S (jp) wrote: muy buena! pero muy triste tambin

Carlos I (kr) wrote: What in the fuck did I just sit through?!!!

Valria V (jp) wrote: I already see this movie on the side of solitude, when the sisters find themselves with the possibility of having the male around. A good movie.

David W (jp) wrote: A drama worth checking out with Paul Giamatti's performance as the core of the film

Bruno R (mx) wrote: visually charming animation and brilliant characters make this film a must-see for all

Abbey F (fr) wrote: Another example of how U.S. trade agreements and IMF treachery are wreaking havoc on foreign economies. Not cool. Then we expect them to fall back on tourism as a means of survival. It's an unfair system, folks.

Andrew K (fr) wrote: Some additional polish could've benefited in a couple of areas but in virtually every way, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust does anime movies justice.

Brian C (ru) wrote: Surprisingly good. Tales from the Hood is an anthology of horror stories from well...the hood. The individual stories are all wrapped around with a spooky funeral director telling a trio of hoodlums stories before they get their drugs. Each story has a bit of satire, light comedy, and a social awareness which is quite surprising. I quite enjoyed each story, although nothing new was really being brought to the table.The only real downfall was the trio of hoodlums themselves. Their 'gangsta' nonsense was a bit much, but was saved by the spooky Mr. Simms

Judge L (nl) wrote: Luke Perry does a good job portraying Lane Frost...was shocked how similar they look.

Sanjay R (au) wrote: There isn't any link to the story with the beautiful cinematography .. All gloss and not soul ... utterly disappointing .. Can't understand these Critics

Edward C (gb) wrote: To borrow a phrase from Robin Wood, whose Hollywood from Vietnam to Reagan led me to this film, God Told Me To is an "incoherent" text." The incoherence is on two levels: one) it is narratively difficult to parse the logical flow of the story (why is this happening? how did we get to this scene?) and two) unclear about its thematic and ideological objectives. And yet there is still some very powerful elements in the film, especially those touching on religion and faith, especially how faith intersects with violence. Even though it's true that religion and violence aren't only a contemporary phenomenon still God Told Me To seems eerily prescient. And, if nothing else, it has one of the most startling and perversely inventive religious symbols I've seen in any medium. But you have to wait til the last reel for it.

Conrad T (fr) wrote: Which one was an earlier production ? This one or My Fair Lady ?

Nathaniel B (jp) wrote: I wasn't too particularly fond of this movie. Maybe if I had watched it when it frst came out, things would be different. But that's an impossibility, so let's forget about that. Overall I liked it.

Claire S (mx) wrote: I loved this movie, and I was just thinking about how to summarize how awesome it was when Nicole brought to my attention the existence of croc-uggs and now I cannot ever enjoy anything ever again.

Dillon L (fr) wrote: Lighted hearted and good natured

Rika R (us) wrote: A refreshing, unique love story full of charm, humor, and endearing performances.