Jour de Fete

Jour de Fete

Once a year the fair comes for one day to the little town 'Sainte-Severe-sur-Indre'. All inhabiters are scoffing at Francois, the postman, what he seems not to recognize. The rising of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dom F (kr) wrote: it was so weird, but funny

Igor A (ag) wrote: John Travolta tuka glumi Srbin i se obiduva da zbori srpski ;) tolku e smesno, sto na momenti filmov mi licese na komedija, posto se zgaziv od smeenje, kako i da e Travolta mnogu loso glumi, a i filmov e bajagi losh...

Simon T (kr) wrote: Wholly engrossing, superbly edited documentary on the maverick F1 driver Ayrton Senna, and his battle with team-mate Alain Prost to be world champion. A particular achievement is that you don't have to be a racing nut to enjoy it.

Cristbal D (au) wrote: It was more interesting than Testosteron, and funnier too.

Sarah A (kr) wrote: I'm sure Terry Prachett's books are hard to translate to film without losing something, but this is pretty enjoyable.

Chris D (br) wrote: One of my favourite movies. Lots of sweet lines and plot twists

Matt K (br) wrote: Hard Candy is like biting into a lollipop with a razor blade. The story is a cat and mouse power struggle of a teenage girl meeting with a thirty year old photographer after meeting on an online chatroom. Psychologically thrilling, bravely written, and a nuanced subtle sense of dread throughout makes arguably Ellen Page's pre-Juno breakout film.

Juan D (ca) wrote: Groan... Peter Dinklage was the only highlight, and he was only in it for 30 seconds.

Lori B (de) wrote: Probably the best sports documentary ever made. I was completely engrossed by it, and I hate basketball.

Greg W (ru) wrote: one of my favourite docs

Brady W (gb) wrote: If you like movies that are non stop action (it really never ends, its just one LONG fight scene) you might like this.I however like a little plot and acting and therefore cannot give this more than one star.

D R (nl) wrote: Julie Andrews in an extremely sexual role. Didn't work though. Loved the scenes involving her jealousy of Suzette. funny stuff.

Shaun B (au) wrote: One of the finest surreal comedies of all time, but that may be due to this reviewer's professed love of all things Dada. It's avant-garde at its silliest and most solemn. Whimsical and horrific. It's nearly everything I look for in modern art. Obviously not for everyone, this is a highly stylistic exercise in the Czech New Wave structure of cinema. Highly adventurous, fun and sly all at the same time with a denouement that is both sudden and expected but will jolt all but the most jaded of viewers into reality from the surreality that had proceeded across the big screen in front of your very agape jaw and wide open eyes. Or not. But that's just, like, your opinion, man.

Greg W (kr) wrote: robinson+ stanwyck= a winning combo

Marcie F (gb) wrote: was pretty good for being a Chuck norris movie anyway.

Russ B (au) wrote: 1/8/2017: A real nice movie! Can't really go wrong with a Costner sports film. A really great story and a good job acting by a mostly an unknown cast.

Maymay A (mx) wrote: Average romance film.

Johannes R (ru) wrote: 22.6.2011A very dark psychological drama. Marlon Brando as a gay army officer is great as is Elizabeth Taylor as his whipping wife. John Huston directed with subtlety and sensitivity. The golden-hued cinematography creates its own atmosphere, in which these characters must struggle.