Journey Into the Unknown

Journey Into the Unknown

Journey behind-the-scenes with the cast and crew of the feature film "Unknown."

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:55 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:cisco kid,  

Journey behind-the-scenes with the cast and crew of the feature film "Unknown." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Journey Into the Unknown torrent reviews

Troy K (fr) wrote: I thought it was pretty good until I realized it wasn't.

Clare E (ca) wrote: Love this film I think Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore are excellent together in movies

James K (mx) wrote: Big disappointment. They guys act like the baddest gang but they wouldn't last 5 minutes in South Central LA. The surfing footage is the only redeeming part of this movie.

Tabatha T (br) wrote: I can not say enough good things about this movie, it blew me away!

Private U (au) wrote: A beautiful, insightful documentary that opens your eyes and your heart.

billy s (gb) wrote: I am in the musical at my school! It is a blast

Jonny 9 (kr) wrote: Truthfully, I was lost trying to follow this South Korean important but I suspect it didnt make that much sense in the original Korean. It seemingly deals with a boy who finds a magic marble (I wonder what that would be worth on Antiques Roadshow?) which grants him entry into a magic realm where the furry Mari flies around on a biguh dog maybe? The fantasy realm takes Jun-Ho out of his rather poor, rural world where his parent own a fish shop. Thats about it as far as the plot goes but yet the 86 minute running time still crawls on by. Having said all that, it is a beautiful exercise in animation particularly the opening seagull sequence.

John B (ca) wrote: Since I just turned 17, i took a look at this film. To be honest, i really loved, and enjoyed it.While the overall story may look thin, Showgirls shows that is an intense, emotional and entertaining film. All the credit goes to Elizabeth Berkley's blowsy and most importantly ''very cute" performance. Thumbs Up ',?,? 1/4 Delivers the Goods.

Ryan V (it) wrote: The most improbable part of the movie isn't a preteen making the Cubs roster or buying that Gary Busey is a professional athlete at any point in his life: it's the Cubs winning the World Series. It's a whimsical, fun ride. And remember kids: "Float it."

MMarcel M (us) wrote: Great absulut classic.

Jason M (ca) wrote: As with all great films, this made me think about it long after viewing. I just had to probe deeper into it. Why did Catherine behave as she did? What drove Jules and Jim towards this woman? Questions, on and on. This is the sign of a great film.Most men have known a Catherine. She defines a egocentric stereotype that thrives on attention and the affections of men. Without this, she becomes bored. She needs constant stimulus and excitement. This is the trap that the love triangle of Jules, Jim and Catherine find themselves.Truffaut's rapid storyline provided the basis of the genre for filmakers such as Martin Scorcese to emulate in works such as Goodfellas. This is one of the many reasons this film is a classic.The ending is intended to leave the viewer emotionally devastated. I hope you have this experience as I have found that one of the traits of a great film is one that makes you think about it for days after viewing. It makes you crave for more, to research its history, plot, etc. From this perspective, Jules and Jim is a classic film.

Diego G (ca) wrote: Impressive, funny, with a great Robert Downey Jr., and awesome special effects. Interesting and well-structured plot with few flaws.

Michelle L (de) wrote: I usually go by the ratings, but took a chance on this one. It was a really good movie.

Muhammad S (au) wrote: nice movie .. adkins/van dam <3