Journey to Italy

Journey to Italy

This deceptively simple tale of a bored English couple (George Sanders and Ingrid Bergman) travelling to Italy to find a buyer for a house inherited from an uncle is transformed by Roberto Rossellini into a passionate story of cruelty and cynicism as their marriage disintegrates around them.

Sharing a passionless existence together, a married English couple, travel to Naples after inheriting a villa. On the verge of divorce, with neither one's disposition warming to the other, they decide to spend the rest of the trip separately. However, during the course of their vacation, the Joyces both undergo changes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Journey to Italy torrent reviews

Eduardo B (it) wrote: Good action but the story is absurd

AJ G (ca) wrote: Funny and cool. Another movie I can't stop watching.

Todd S (gb) wrote: 2008 US Director: Adam Fields Score: 6 I really did get some laughs out of this one. Oh, yes, they were "intentional laughs" by the way. In other words, the movie was actually trying to be funny, and succeeded. I'll be the first to agree with anyone who says the film is cheesy and low budget. I know it is not some kind of amazing cinematic achievement. It does indeed contain a few laughs and serve as a good spoof of not only the "alien invasion" sub-genre but also as a good spoof of the adult film industry. Kudos to Ron Jeremy for playing himself pretty well. This one wont win any awards, but it was a laugh. Notes: GV-XL-GN Suggested Age: Adults Only

Heather R (kr) wrote: it was cute i saw it like a hundred times with my lil cuz!

Rachel T (mx) wrote: the first one is better