Journey to Space

Journey to Space

A sweeping overview of humanity’s accomplishments in space, as well as our ongoing activities and future plans.

Filmmaker Mark Krenzien explores a new era of unprecedented deep space exploration in dramatic giant screen film format. This is the time for our species, in the words of Carl Sagan, to “set sail across the cosmic ocean.” Next stop… Mars! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ed C (kr) wrote: One line summary: Depicts the beginning of the Christian apocalypse.------------------- Josh drives through the desert to his next sales opportunity before he returns home. He is rear-ended by some hold-up artists. A gang, The Barbarians, drops by and inadvertantly helps him get free. Josh continues to Frank's hardware store, where he tries to sell some body armour. Frank feels Josh out about his core values, as it were. A contingent of Barbarians bursts in and starts a strong arm robbery. Josh's skills kick in. He kills three of the Babarians, beats up some of the others, and sends the survivors packing. Hawg, the leader of the Barbarians, has a couple of his more cleaver members reconnoiter. They scope out Frank's home, and the motel where Josh is staying. Hawg makes plans to strike back against those who killed some of this crew. Hawg does indeed invade Frank's home. Frank and his wife fight back to some degree, but the gang disarms them. In parallel, Josh tries to help out a prostitute who has been beaten up by her, ah, employer. That does not go so well. All this gets interrupted by a long depiction of the Rapture, which is much better done than in The Mark. I did not say it was great, just better than in The Mark. The film sets up for part 2 after that.------Scores----- Cinematography: 10/10 Beautiful; skillfully done. Sound: 9/10 No particular problems. Acting: 7/10 Ray Wise was professional as always; David White was better than competent; Brian Bosworth was better than I expected him to be. Eric Roberts was fairly good in the small role as the Sheriff. I also liked Logan White as Cat. Screenplay: 5/10 The injection of Christian doctrine seems forced most of the time, but is much better done than The Mark, for instance. On the other hand, minus the doctrine, the film is short on story, and it is spread over 88 minutes.

Jayakrishnan R (mx) wrote: 84%Saw this on 21/8/16An ambitious film that manages to lose hold of the predictability because of a taut execution. Farhan Akthar is remarkable as Milkha.

Shawn R (ru) wrote: Decent dialog driven movie that has some good acting but never really develops a worthy plot.

visitorQ S (us) wrote: Der erste Teil einer kleinen Filmreihe mit einer gesamten Spielzeit von ber 400 Minuten. Die ersten 140 davon haben mir schon einmal sehr gut gefallen. Diese "Einfhrung" ist lang, doch stets unterhaltsam und bietet die ein oder anderen coole berraschung. Auf Teil zwei und drei bin ich schon jetzt sehr gespannt. 3,5/5

Shweta B (mx) wrote: Dharm is a deeply moving story of a staunch "religious" brahmin, who does everything that the scriptures preach in search of THE TRUTH, and how he gets transformation on realizing that Humanity is above all religions. The story is very simple yet very effective.. beautifully narrated.. It deserves a lot.. lot more exposure and acclaim than it got! Don't miss this one..

Tricia R (ru) wrote: A great love story movie for anyone willing to give up the time to watch it. The superstar cast and the intertwining stories all come together with such great chemistry and passion that it's hard not to experience the emotions the characters are feeling. Definite recommendation; whether you're into Bollywood films or not.

Wes S (gb) wrote: Another pointless sequel, but it held my interest a little more than the last one. The plot is ok but there are a lot of holes. Characters aren't developed too much and there are many boring slow bits. Hopefully this will be the last Prophecy sequel.

Allen G (br) wrote: A masterful documentary which, when documenting the rise, has you smiling, laughing, nodding in disbelief and generally feeling every bit as happy as Johnson did as he beat the heck out of anyone who stood in his way. And when documenting the fall has you frowning, sighing, nodding in disbelief and generally feeling pretty sucky to hear that he was beating the crap out of those close to him and getting beat up by the system around him (and by that really tall guy)It's beautifully crafted and made with a real passion (and I don't just throw that word around) for Johnson's story and his life. It's certainly long (nearly four hours) but the story is always interesting and this documentary makes it great to watch and learn too. It's a fascinating journey with as many ups and downs as you could ask for. I recommended it to all who have time to spend.

David H (us) wrote: A great Hommage to the 40's Film Noir with a Great Mickey Rourke and Lance Henriksen and Ellen Barkin as Villains

Peter L (br) wrote: One of the worst piles of poo that I ever witnessed.

Dan M (es) wrote: I was pretty surprised by this film. I had written Cosby off as a lame comedian (mostly due to Eddie Murphy's mocking performances of Cosby in the 1980's), but it was pretty funny. Not as vulgar as most stand-up comedians, so you can actually watch this one with your parents and not feel too embarrassed.

Pat P (ag) wrote: A really great comedy, Bollywood or otherwise. A soccer fanatic tries to impress his old fashioned boss, but lands in a heap of trouble. There are a few believable plot twists, boatloads of misadventures, and even a song or two!

Allan C (au) wrote: About as politically sensitive to Native Americans as a Looney Tunes cartoon, but Bill Holden is awesome and the final action set piece is great.

Tania A (ca) wrote: This was actually a good movie, lots of action and an interesting story. And I'm a horsefreak :p