Journey to the Center of Time

Journey to the Center of Time

Scientists must prove their time travel experiments can produce results, so their funding won't be cut off. They push their equipment, and travel 5000 years into the future, where they encounter aliens who are looking for a planet to colonize.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:1967
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   remake,   diamond,  

Gruff, hard-nosed new boss Stanton takes over a scientific research company upon the death of his benevolent father. Scientists Manning, Gordon and White, who are very close to a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Journey to the Center of Time torrent reviews

Jay G (es) wrote: My daughter Sophie says: it is kind of hard to understand what why it is sad but it really is. He loses his brother. Sad huh?

Aysha A (ru) wrote: Entertaining,funny ???

Bernedette S (it) wrote: It was a good movie. Very few movies show how it's hard to put your love for Jesus above your own personal desires and wants. Good family movie.

Ashley K (ca) wrote: This is one sequel that NEVER should have been made. Hell, the first one never should have been made, and this is even worse. If that is even possible.

Cee B (es) wrote: Genuinely scary - both on a suspenseful and on a sociological level.

Charles G (mx) wrote: Has lots of twists and tturns. The actors were good in their roles.

Marietta K (es) wrote: Could be compared with La mala education (I think they're both autobiographic to a point or so I read). Yet this one's a little rougher, doesn't go as deep into the characters as I'd like it to...

MissGory R (ru) wrote: Not as good as its companion , according to The Midnite Movies release (Now OOP) We again see Vincent starring alongside Peter Cushing, and Chris Lee...(Well, it may as well be a cameo!) We also have a very young Micheal Gothard (The Devils) and some dark humor, along with a somewhat confusing plot...Still a classic, it isn't one of Vinnies strongest films.Gorewhore Out.

Scott R (us) wrote: Well made story of a small time Brighton gangster.

Stephanie D (fr) wrote: Fred & Ginger always dance so beautifully.

Bobby D (ca) wrote: Awful film. Donner who can be brilliant at times, phones this one in with a script akin to a bad tv cable flick.

Grant H (au) wrote: Very good movie. Though it takes a fairly formulaic approach in honoring its talented protagonist, the film still features a stellar lead performance from Adams that helps audiences connect to her trials and tribulations, and features some intimate direction from Burton.

Stuart M (kr) wrote: A good film, though the way it handles its issue seems very rooted in the '50s. James Dean steals every scene he's in.