Joy and the Dragon

Joy and the Dragon


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Joy and the Dragon torrent reviews

Amanda H (mx) wrote: Great cast- I'll sit through just about anything Jim Caviezel is in, and Jeremy Sisto was an added bonus. Unfortunately, that's about the extent of the good things I can say about this movie. It's a stale plot I've seen at least five times before, and none of the characters are well-rounded enough that I became really invested in them. Despite the couple of good actors, this became background noise by about halfway through.

Bryana W (es) wrote: y all kids don't know nothin bout this

Dre M (mx) wrote: the series had a better developement and understanding of the plot. if i hadnt watched the series this would have been fairly confusing.

Guido S (ca) wrote: A classic in Blaxpoitation. Basically goes after the people who drugged her younger sister. Pretty typical for the genre and this was sort of remade a few years later with Pam Grier. One of the better for the genre.

Konrad A (au) wrote: I saw this movie a long time ago and this movie was not as good as I hoped! The land scape and great animals in the jungle. But then it takes place in the world. And King Kong fights air planes in the city. This movie was A little scary, the movie was 3 hours long which is stupid!!! I think I do not recommend kids watching this at all. I do like Mountain gorillas they are cool I think.

Maurcio V (nl) wrote: Mesmo que ingnuo e superestimado, Contra o Tempo um bom filme, com bastante ritmo e interpretaes carismticas do Jake Gyllenhaal, da Vera Farmiga e da Michelle Monaghan.