Joy Division: Under Review

Joy Division: Under Review

This 70-minute documentary charts the entire short lifespan of the group.

This 70-minute documentary charts the entire short lifespan of the group. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Antony G (nl) wrote: It just meanders along with nothing really happening just like the life of our protagonist, Jeff. Jeff lives his life in the basement of his mother's home. He's 30 years old & unemployed & believes his destiny is guided by the stars & universe believing everything is connected & happens for a reason. Maybe that reason is his very presence on a bridge near the end of the movie or maybe it was just down to plain luck/coincidence. So, the film follows his little adventure as he follows the signs until it's conclusion which ends up involving his brother along the way & his mother.

Lona L (mx) wrote: Screw all the negative comments about this movie, its an old movie and I actually like it; I may not be a gymnastics but I understand the story of this movie

Mary B (mx) wrote: Watched it a second time. Still good.

Charles S (ag) wrote: Powerful profile of a man who went deep and made it back alive...

Paul M (jp) wrote: What is the fuss with this film

Chris M (nl) wrote: 'Rings' is a 16 minute short that takes place between 'The Ring' & 'The Ring 2'.

Sydney G (mx) wrote: great movie by dee snider...loved it

Kajal S (ag) wrote: I really like the song....O saathi re..!!!

Lenny R (ag) wrote: Good fun. Works well as both a western and a comedy, especially considering its G rating (which actually surprises me a bit considering the body count).

Stafford V (mx) wrote: One of the first films of the Czech New Wave Movement and easily one of the best.

Dakota L (gb) wrote: Felt like an overly long episode of a coming of age television series.

Daniel O (nl) wrote: Not one of the best known time travel movies, but it touches on all the points it needs to, and it does so very well!

Julia O (ag) wrote: the movie must have another name like: no regrets! there is no love in the movie is kinda boring! the romantic part happens at the end just because! lame

Kevin M W (de) wrote: Toni Collette plays a woman with a coupla niggling personal defects that're overblown by her own consciousness until she's nearly paralyzed: us. The piece charts her arc from her personal dreamland of ache into a reality that's dealable with serio-comic poetry, and ABBA provides the soundtrack. Pretty darn good. Rachel Griffiths (one of my favs) plays the buddy everyone would love to buddy with admirably.