Joy of Madness

Joy of Madness

Documentary showing the backstage of production of Samira Makhmalbaf's film Panj É Asr(At Five in the Afternoon), in Kabul, after the fall of the Taliban regime. Everything was recorded ...

Documentary showing the backstage of production of Samira Makhmalbaf's film Panj É Asr(At Five in the Afternoon), in Kabul, after the fall of the Taliban regime. Everything was recorded ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Don S (mx) wrote: Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong - I've not seen the first two but was able to follow this stoner sci-fi movie with no problem. An alien bong lands on Earth to take over the planet and the stereotypical characters (a nerd, a jock, a conspiracy nut, etc.) enlist the aid of Evil Bong to help them defeat it, leaving you with the question of why if it is an evil bong, does it help to defeat the alien one and not join it in the takeover? As stupid as it sounds.

Chris M (nl) wrote: This movie is bad, but in a odd way. I say that because it has an identity crises. It doesn't know whether it wants to be a crappy kids movie about talking a talking zebra that wants to race or a crappy drama about a teenage girl wanting to be a jockey by riding a zebra. It tries to please both crowds but it pleases no one.

Keith M (us) wrote: not too bad of a film. the story wasn't too elaborate but i liked the mash in with battle royale/azumi (kill each other) maggie q is gorgeous. it was strange how some of it was in english and other parts sub-titled. not that bad of an action flick.

kelly (kr) wrote: It's not hard for this film to be brilliant. The camera just has to be running on these people, and then it is up to the makers to dig through the three years of footage to compile a coherent story. All of them are young, introspective, resourceful, friendly, and full of potential. But they are also all very filled with sadness, in great despair, in ill health, in dangerous situations, and rarely happy because they are all addicted to heroin. It would not be surprising if a followup done today would reveal all the participants, or at least a majority, to now be dead of a drug-related cause. At the conclusion, two main subjects have AIDS and are not receiving treatment, and one of them is still prostituting despite a looming charge of attempted murder if charged again with prostitution. Of course when dealing with this topic, the content will be saddening, but the factor that determines whether or not the film is good is if it is revealing. And this film does reveal in horrific detail the reality of junkie living. We see their battered bodies, bruises and burst blood vessels spotting their skin from frequent injection and dramatic weight losses from neglecting eating for fixing. We see them in the throes of withdrawal and, more rarely, doped to the point of complete loss of awareness with their only spoken sentiments being about their specific despairs and missing loved ones. We see them lurking on street corners to advertise for dates, visiting public restrooms to shoot up, using pay phones to contact dealers, and running small dealing operations out of temporary and deteriorating living spaces. We see them attempting relationships with other addicts, but it seems that what draws these people together is their addiction and mutual need for supporting their addiction. We see them attempting to regain their lives when jail or death looms, but we also witness them inevitably falling back into the deadly grip of addiction. Great documentaries reveal stark reality, and this film certainly accomplishes that.

Annemarie P (kr) wrote: Good story, though it is slow moving. One can not help but have empathy for the sisters and their situations living in their community.

David H (us) wrote: It's worth a watch if you are a Star Trek fan. Cringeworthy in some parts.

Andrew H (gb) wrote: Strange, disturbing, funny, everything you would expect from a John Waters film. Some of the best characters in movie history are in this movie (in my opinion), the queen is just hilarious with her army of gay boys, lol! And there are enough lesbians in this movie to satisfy anyone! A must watch!

Darren H (au) wrote: good rare colour footage of B17s going to war. must see for any ww2 aviation enthusiast

Kevin P (nl) wrote: Tim Blake Nelson lijkt een boel problematische personages in een blender gegooid te hebben, en gehoopt te hebben dat er iets goeds uit had kunnen komen. Anesthesia gebruikt zelfzuchtige manieren om lange speeches te houden over het leven, maar weet nooit zijn eigen vragen met een waardig antwoord te kunnen beantwoorden. Een grote misser van Nelson !