Joy Ride

Joy Ride

Three young people on a road trip from Colorado to New Jersey talk to a trucker on their CB radio, then must escape when he turns out to be a psychotic killer.

Starting a joke that seems harmless of Lewis and his brother Fuller, who is a troublemaker, the story becomes more dramatic when the truck drivers kidnap Venna - the lover in Lewiss dream, and her best friend. ‘Cat and mouse’ game now becomes the murderous traps. Lewis and Fuller are extremely remorseful and they beg incessantly over radios. But things still do not stop… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Janice M (us) wrote: More Warren Beatty. Less of the young couple. Then I would have given this five stars.

Renea K (ru) wrote: My hubby and meet really enjoyed this movie. we've watched this movie numerous times. N fact we bout to watch it again.

Girlie A (ca) wrote: there comes a time in your life that you stop figuring it all out, that you just become glad for what you have.

Jens S (nl) wrote: When an middle-aged University professor is asked to leave after an affair with a student he turns to his adult daughter, a South-African farmer. Of course he doesn't find peace on the countryside. His encounter with violence and racism out in the fields shakes his beliefs, but does it change him? Malkovich is perfect, of course, in the role. But the film feels without a clear direction at times, doesn't quite seem to know where it is getting at. In the end, there is no solution, just hints of one. The setting does add a very special atmosphere to the film, though and makes it worth seeing after all.

Robert M (ag) wrote: If this was done with quality animation, it could have been something special.

adam b (us) wrote: This is full of just about every single predictable rom com cliche you could think of and it's not even slightly funny. I would go as far to say the humour reminded me a little of all the recent genre parody films.

Alex F (jp) wrote: The length of this film felt unnecessary. Nevertheless it was epic. Leslie is mesmerising, not to be missed by Leslie Cheung fans.

Yucky O (de) wrote: Absolutely insane. It's hard to understand how this was actually given the go ahead. Ridiculous in every way, it's an almost perfect so bad it's amazing showing from Wes Craven.

Gregory W (us) wrote: pretty good but a little dated now

Justin B (gb) wrote: Roger Corman's goofball mishmash of Star Wars and The Magnificent Seven. It's oodles of campy fun if you're not demanding.

Mike L (us) wrote: Period piece set in Pennsylvania just before the Revolution War. John Wayne is a colonist who is up against the corrupt British rule and the local traders who are selling guns to the native americans while the British stand idly by. Wayne gets to locals to rise up, stop the illegal selling and expose the corrupt British. I like the court room scene where we see some early forensics at work in the gun powder stain on the shirt. The action is good, the cast is very good, and services as an early example of Wayne's star power.

Sterlin R (fr) wrote: I like the concept of this movie, but "Cars" is an average at best. The only thing I can't stand is Mater. He is annoying and not funny because he is voiced by Larry the Cable Guy (who I am not a fan of at all). But I think it is not too bad nonetheless.

Scott M (us) wrote: Eastwood vs. Malkovich psycological thriller. so good