Jud Süß

Jud Süß

In this notorious Nazi propaganda historical costume melodrama, a conniving, ambitious Jewish businessman, Süß Oppenheimer, snares a post as treasurer to the Duke of Wurttemburg by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (gb) wrote: Follows in the footsteps of Pulse 2 with terrible use of greenscreen again. The story here is a bit better and maybe I was expecting worse after seeing Pulse 2 but I really wish Dimension would put a little more effort into their releases. Yes I know they're direct to video but that doesn't mean they have to be so bad. Acting here isn't great but it's passable. Nothing is really scary though. This plays out more like an adventure/journey film than a horror film. You can skip this one unless you're a big big fan of the series.

Lauren P (kr) wrote: When will I get to see this movie! I want it NOW!

James O (gb) wrote: Started watching this when I was quiet tired one night. Ended up watching it right to the end as I couldn't tun it off. I'm no surfer but this film is adrenaline inducing just to watch. Amazing what they do and a well crafted documentary.

Scott R (br) wrote: Surprisingly bearable thanks to the rapport between Mac and Kutcher, but when compared to Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, it's mostly stale.

Victor M (ru) wrote: Slacker could be the independent film by excellence. It doesn't exists a story apparently, but what could you expect if you are doing a film about "slackers". There is no recognized performer, and in the end when you see the cast most of them are referred by what they were doing.

Hung H (fr) wrote: Film that builds character. Absolutely in my top 10 of all time.

Peter B (gb) wrote: Strong performances from Crudup and Yelchin and a great soundtrack make this very watchable despite its heavy subject matter. The ending is anticlimactic but other wise it's a strong directorial debut from William H. Macy.

Calib M (gb) wrote: On paper, this is a movie that i should love immediately, the plot seems fantastic, i love Carol Reed, i love all of the actors, and this has been one of my most anticipated movies since the first time i laid eyes on the IMDb page. I watched it for the first time, yesterday, and it didnt do anything for me. What a massive disappointment.How can people even think this movie is perfect? My personal predjudices aside, just basic things i hated: The music is awful, and extremely out of place, even in suspenseful moments, that ^*@ stupid cider music is always playing. It is so out of place!The acting is stiff and mediocre from the whole cast at best (Expect Orson Welles ofcourse)The overuse of dutch angels really irritated me, how can people say that the cinematography is flawless, when there is such an obvious one like this.and personally, i found the first hour to be damn near unwatchable because of how bonedry story telling it was.This film is like The Dark Knight, if you take away 1 great performance, there is nothing left