Shashikant has an affair with a former girl. This causes a rift in his marriage, with his wife, Gauri, leaving him while still pregnant with his second child.

Widower and former Judge Umakant Verma lives a wealthy lifestyle with his only son, Dr. Shashikant; a houseful of servants, led by Gauri, the daughter of his childhood friend, Narayan Singh... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Judaai torrent reviews

Aurlie J (it) wrote: bof, c'est dommage, Foresti en fait de trop

ASHLEE J (nl) wrote: i am very deseperate to find this film. any critics who has already rated this film please help me locate a copy. Thank you!

Jason B (ca) wrote: if you were on a quest to see the worst film possible, this would be a good start. don't ask me how I ended up with this. who is the girl on the front cover?

Sara B (it) wrote: Definitely a HORRIBLE sequel. I don't know which is worse... The plot or extremely annoying characters. This is why I only watch the first two Jurassic Park movies and Jurassic World.

Val M (ag) wrote: One of my favorite movie openings. So atmospheric. Radu is too cool.

Zack B (ag) wrote: Almost the entire film takes place inside of Barry's studio, and yet we can easily feel the sweaty hatred, fear, and loneliness creeping in through the telephones and microphones. Here is a man whose profession is built around listening and responding to the whims of callers, whose attitudes, experiences, and agendas all vary, although most are polemically directed at the man himself. Within the boundaries of this electronic and claustrophobic studio, everything goes and Barry must live in it like a jungle. The only weapon he has against this eclectic madness, this mad rush of voices, is his own pompous sense of self-importance. The intensity is right smack in our faces, as Oliver Stone is so wont to do with his films, with Dutch angles and hallucinatory set productions. The result is a sardonic, bleak, though not unfounded self-reflection of our society, which even today consists of media which praises the pain so long as it belongs to another.

dylan s (us) wrote: not bad not one of thier best though..

Inna H (es) wrote: Wonderfully acted portrait of modern society with its ugly fears and bigotry.

Tara C (ag) wrote: Catherine Denuve running in slow motion through a forest dressed in a donkey skin. Did someone slip a hallucinogenic in my Phoenix Cola?

David B (ru) wrote: But if I had to go to heaven, then I'd really tremble.

bill s (kr) wrote: This is one movie that is so bad that it really is good.