Judgment Day

Judgment Day

Fact-based story about a Bible-quoting woman who in 1990 murdered a camp counselor, whom she learned molested her 7 year old son.

Cultists with an enigmatic leader (Mario Van Peebles) seize the only man capable of devising a way to stop a giant meteor from hitting the Earth. Agents (Suzy Amis, Ice-T) are then sent to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Judgment Day torrent reviews

Judge L (mx) wrote: Great flick. Very funny!! Give this one a watch on Netflix!!

faust s (au) wrote: Differentiate itself from the 'usual' execution of theme. The tone of the actors' voices are a bit off from being convincing, so as some of the few moments and eye - lines, but mostly it was stimulating and enjoyable.

aaron w (fr) wrote: Fun, harmless, and entertaining

Christophe M (ag) wrote: Itto Ogami le loup solitaire et son enfant, ici il s'agit du premier film de la saga celui qui n'est ni remont, sans musique additionelle ni voix-off explicative de l'enfant, c'est "Lone Wolf and Cub" dans sa version d'origine, la vraie, la seule, l'unique !!! Evidemment c'est trs diffrent du remontage pourtant efficace qu'est "Shogun Assassin", les origines du loup solitaire sont explores et on sait davantage sur les raisons qui ont pouss ses matres le trahir, il y a bien plus de dialogue et on sent bien plus la culture japonaise travers le film. C'est toujours aussi violent en matire de dcoupage de membre et on ne va pas s'en plaindre, on savoure bien plus l'interprtation de Tomisaburo Wakayama car il y a plus de scnes "intimiste" dans lesquelles il n'est pas seulement une bte qui se venge. Bref, une vritable incursion dans le monde de "lone wolf and cub" qui s'avre riche, intressant et fascinant, le prochain, vite !!!

Melissa M (fr) wrote: Mostly boring and awful, despite a few touching moments.

Luc P (nl) wrote: When we see the face of Ernst Stavero Blofield, the suspense goes up 100%.

Kimberly K (ru) wrote: So this movie got terrible reviews, but I LOVED it! It had me crying, laughing and crying some more. I found it to be far superior to it's predecessor (although I liked that one too).