Film JUGAAD, produced by Sandiip Kapur under the banner of Promodome Films and directed by R. Anand Kumar, is RELEASING on 6th February 2009.R. Anand Kumar, who has directed successful Hindi movie DELHI HEIGHTS and around 40 ad commercials, is very upbeat about this comic caper.JUGAAD stars Manoj Bajpai, Hrishitaa Bhatt, Vijay Raz, Sanjay Mishra, Govind Namdeo and is introducing new artiste Nitin.

A man faces financial losses after authorities decide to demolish his business. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jugaad torrent reviews

Dan L (kr) wrote: A tad slow but viscerally intense and emotionally brutal.

Jordan F (mx) wrote: An assassin, a thief and a bounty hunter all get tangled in a story about a precious map. Although mainly focusing on it's Korean aspects there's also Japanese and Chinese minor characters. A very face paced and exciting action film. It has great production value with a LOT of practical effects and stunts. More than I've seen in an action film in a long time. The end scene was a little forced... It was a little too dramatic for me and felt extremely unrealistic but I guess it was okay. The rest of the film is just brilliant in the way the camera moves and action flows. There's zero female characters in the film which is interesting.

Chantal B (ag) wrote: One of my favourite animated films. The animation on Eris in particular is just jaw dropping.

Justin M (it) wrote: Boring.It continuously reminded me of Sons and Lovers which also bored me to tears. Maybe it was me not understanding the context or something, being in the wrong mood, or perhaps because I watched it when I was sick, but it just struck me as a bitter liberal polemic against some institution or idea it felt did them wrong. It felt like an exercise in instilling pity for someone being an outcast and making very poor decisions rather than a character study or even historic drama. The characters are outcast because they made such poor decisions and intentionally cut themselves off from people. Forgive this spoiler and forgive my poor taste, but I was laughing hysterically at the end because I knew that since everything was going OK again something drastic was going to happen. The whole things was so very predictable. Maybe I have this reaction because it's hard for me to fathom the society that the story took place in but it was all I could do to stay awake. To be fair the film had nice camera work, good acting, and a decent script, it just never rose above a well acted soup opera to me.

Stephen C (ca) wrote: While watching this film the thing that sprung to my mind was the Great Gatsby. Both have a man who has a shady past and both are ladies men Whats sets the film apart from the film adaption of Gatsby from the same year is that Resnais knows how to handle the material giving a it a high gloss sheen and an interesting narrative. What also helps is the casting of two giants of French Cinema in Charles Boyer and Jean Paul Belmondo. This casting gives the film an edge as Boyer represents the France that was to disapear with the coming of World War two and the scandals which took France there. Belmondo is top drawer as the main lead who even when his wolrd is collasping around him ,he still manages to lead a Champagne lifestyle and reamain confident and optimistic Resnais also uses Stephen Sondheim to bring out the elemnets of the story with his Gershwin like score. The film will not appeal to everyone as the pace is slower than most films and its not a Resnais classic. But on the whole their is plenty here to enjoy and engage the brain at the same time .

Dustin G (ru) wrote: This is a step ahead in every way for the Lone Wolf series. Better story, better action, much much more blood, Kenji Misumi raises the bar and creates a film which should be known as a samurai classic. It got remixed and rereleased for Americans as Shogun Assassin, but this one is a little better. A little grittier and more concise.

Ricky W (it) wrote: You had to be Poitier to get any respect back then.

Jenny A (gb) wrote: The focus on one soldier's experience creates an intense viewing experience that gave me insight into the whole Abu Ghraib debacle. Powerful, well-acted, well-written.

Chris C (us) wrote: One of my favorie movies growing up.its cheesy,violent and over-the-top.Its like a Zombie movie except A)Its vehicles and electrical devices and B)Humans do NOT come back from the dead after being attacked.Plus AC/DC did the soundtrack so...BONUS