A farmer's wife is seduced into running away from her stolid older husband by a city slicker, who enslaves her in a brothel.

A farmer's wife is seduced into running away from her stolid older husband by a city slicker, who enslaves her in a brothel. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob D (us) wrote: This was a very solid movie but not anything great.

Bala C (es) wrote: normal movie, but over hyped and also appreciate for taking history... we could expect more history based movies would come in future...

Jason D (de) wrote: It was really smart and well written film about its moral dilemma and the way to confront it comes with a price to pay and has its own moments of clarity. This film is probably lacks its proper pace and the editing process needs to be fix because some of it in this film can be confusing as hell! At times, there are moments when I felt like to fast forward some unnecessary parts that do not fit for the plot points. The acting is great and at it's raw performance at the best to help this movie to fall through. But the rest just felt flat. There are some really funny moments but it is not enough to grasp my attention.

Hayden H (nl) wrote: Honestly one of marvels most underrated films they've ever done."B"

Ross T (ag) wrote: Tommy Chong is my hero.

KarlJohan L (us) wrote: Her mter vi mange menneskeskjebner som p et tilfeldigvis henger sammen. Sorger og gleder flettet fint sammen. Slutten er noe overraskende. Gode skuespillere og en grei underholdning. Kan bli litt langdryg innemellom , men ikke mer enn at man tler det. God film.

Dwight J (br) wrote: Good movie, lots of plot twists.

Marvin T (es) wrote: This may seem kind of like a rip off of the karate kid(which it kind of is) but you know it's a fun movie. It's a family film. It was fun for me to watch.

Sterling H (us) wrote: I was a big fan of this movie when it first came out...I was 6. So my 6 year old self gives it 4 stars

KARLA E (br) wrote: Some good eye candy..but yikes...

Gavin P (au) wrote: very interesting, although it has a slow start - didn't need the 10min opera scene! But that explains Fitzcarraldo's obsession & then he sets off on his journey down the Amazon river & it's amazing to watch Herzog work - Kinski even looks like him! - no models or miniatures of the boat, river or rainforest - it's all actually chopped down, sent through rapids and pulled up a hill! Probably a little long and it's odd to be watching a movie set in South America in German, but it's pretty entertaining and certainly ambitious!

F B (nl) wrote: A surprisingly enjoyable and good film. A little bit annoying at times with all the gang talk which is just nonsensical form of english but definitely one I would watch again

King L (br) wrote: its the best action movie ive seen

Michael P (br) wrote: It's disturbing and tense, and does a surpsingly good job of playing totally straight a rather silly, campy premise.However, it is somewhat undermined by how illogical some of the basic premises are.

David T (it) wrote: Not great. Not terrible. Original premise.