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Dave V (br) wrote: This should win some Razzie awards f0r acting, screenplay, CGI. Every few minutes an actor overexplains something.

Jon Mikel B (gb) wrote: Very smart and interesting thriller about contemporary issues.

Roland P (ru) wrote: Tough to watch sometimes. Well done.

Johnny L (es) wrote: Watching again for at least the 5th time, a personal favorite (2/14/16)

Chris K (ag) wrote: A cult classic. If you didn't like this movie, you don't know what Comedy is.

Simon L (it) wrote: Critically flawed, but I like it just as much as the first

David H (mx) wrote: A lovely Sherlock Holmes Movie with the best Holmes of all Time Basil Rathbone

giovanni t (jp) wrote: fantastic film recommend it

Chrissie M (it) wrote: It wont let me leave zero stars, but I would if I could. This movie is supremely horrible. I have so many awful things to say about it, that I cannot put them into words. I don't know whether to be mad and the peeps behind this dog turd or myself for even watching. There's an hour and a half that I will never ever get back. DO NOT watch this movie. Its horrible

James C (fr) wrote: Life has been quiet for six years and then the Trancers return led by a new evil genius, hellbent on changing the future. And only one man can stop them - Jack Deth.Set (and made) six years after the events of the first 'Trancers' movie, this sequel is not as good, but still very entertaining. The storyline feels a lot slower, as it takes time re-introducing characters and setting up the plot. But when things get going, the movie returns to the low-budget vibe that made the original so much fun. Tim Thomerson steps back into the role of Jack Deth as if he has never been away, and it is nice to see so many returning cast members. Cult actors Jeffrey Combs and Richard Lynch are welcome additions and play their parts in their signature over the top manner.

Teemu P (mx) wrote: Decent cast and a decent plot. Nothing special though.

Art S (ca) wrote: In a sort of prelude to Dirty Harry (1971), Don Siegel directs Clint Eastwood as a steely Arizona deputy sheriff come to the Big Apple to extradite a killer. As was his m. o., Eastwood breaks all the rules, roughing up suspects (and others) and using whatever means were available (including sex) to get his way. The expected fish-out-of-water gags are soon dispensed with in favour of straightforward action (fights and chases). Siegel's direction is no frills but it is effective and concise. Lee J. Cobb is good in support as a harried NYC precinct chief (with other acting here just ordinary), but basically Eastwood's star quality holds the film together. Somehow, though, I just can't find it in my heart to root for a reactionary hero.