Juke Girl

Juke Girl

A hitchhiker (Ronald Reagan) and a jukebox-joint hostess (Ann Sheridan) are framed for murder in Florida tomato country.

Danny and Steve are migrant farm workers who wind up in Cat Tail, Florida. Cat Tail is run by Madden Packing and Danny works for Madden while Steve works for the underdog farmer named Nick.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam R (fr) wrote: Very poorly made and completely unwatchable. I hated it! (First and only viewing - In my mid-twenties)

Lee M (us) wrote: It's an efficient genre workout, with plenty of shocks and splats and a political subtext.

Michael S (it) wrote: Broken up into two acts, didn't really get either. The first is totally weird and sexual. The second is a bit more interesting, understandable, and much less awkward. But neither is anything special.

Arthy A (ca) wrote: Clumsily brings out the apprehensions of a Pakistan origin father of his huge battalion of a am-no-pakki-kids in a Brit community and om puri does a justifiable job at that. Can watch it once or let go free!

Ronilson A (fr) wrote: # ...E a Vida Continua

Private U (au) wrote: I actually found this film to be a bit generic with the typical hong kong comedy fare. I love Stephen Chow but this movie didn't really do it for me. However, God of Gamblers Part II I loved.

Ric P (ag) wrote: Watching Runaway Train felt like i was being let in on a wonderful secret; it's an oppressive, slow-burning apocalyptic thrill ride (maybe even bordering on a horror?), and quite unlike any other film I've seen. Almost a spiritual journey, the film touches on themes like existentialism, the soul, id; very few movies have ever even approached this kind of intelligence in this genre. The train is presented as a ghastly, emotionless monster, literally unstoppable and almost mythic. By the end of the film the machine has a character and a story. There are shots interspersed throughout the movie, tracking the blackened, hellish beast, and combined with the truly stunning score, wash frozen chills all over. Some will watch and be bored; by today's standards (and when it was released) the majority simply don't have the patience or the inclination to submit to a different way of story-telling in the action/thriller framework; but to see a gem as bright as this, unspoiled by Hollywood's ever-tightening constrictions, is the pure joy of cinema. Runaway Train feels like a one-way descent into Hades, and its an awesome ride.

Mickey M (fr) wrote: A strange thing has flown over the home of a family somewhere in a desert area. As it flew over, it made an unusual whine, and shook the ground and buildings as it passed. The family is already under a lot of stress due to the situation with the crop, and it has put a strain on everybody. Shortly after the thing flew over the property, the animals, domestic and wild alike, begin to exibit strange behavior which includes attacking the people near them. Eventually, it is learned that the stange behavior comes from a small space craft of unknown origin. Whatever, or whoever, is inside eventually begins to control the humans which it comes in contact with. Let me say first, this movie is horrible. As I watched it, it began to appear that the title was very misleading. However, after some online research, I learned that the title refers to the alien force's (voiced by Bruce Whitmore) ability to see through the beings it possesses. This ability is not very clear, especially when we see the creature in the last minutes of the movie. The acting is not great in this one, and is pretty much forgettable. Out of the entire, extremely tiny cast of six people (on-screen), I would have to say Paul Birch, who plays the father/husband who eventually figures out something to defeat the creature, has the strongest performance of the entire cast. However, that's not saying much due to this being a typical B movie with an extremely weak script. This movie is suppose to be a sci-fi/horror. It does have a touch of science-ficiton, but the horror is more laughable than scary. The first wave of the alien creature's attack is through the local domesticated and wild animals. You have the family dog apparently trying to kill the wife/mother (Lorna Thayer) at one point, but it is obvious that the dog is just running around enjoying itself. Not once did it look menacing. Another point, she is attacked by the chickens in the coop on the property, and this is easily the most laughable attack of them all since it's pretty obvious the chickens are being thrown at her from people off-camera. This is a low-budget movie, and it painfully shows when it comes to the special effects. The alien, which is seen briefly at the movie's climax, is obviously a rubber figurine. At one point, as the creature is revealed, it is covered by an eye ball obviously added in post production. The most annoying effect though has to be what is suppose to be the space craft's engine. I actually had to turn down my computer's volume because of it. The noise was not comfortable to my ears. The only reason to see this movie is its message of love. You might roll your eyes a bit when the message is revealed in the climax of the movie with the way it is related to the situation, but it is still a good message. If you like these kind of films, check it out. You probably would enjoy it more than others. If you expect some great scares, then avoid this one since they aren't there. This is not a great movie at all.

Anthony T (br) wrote: An interesting film which seems to jump the shark the longer it goes on. Still worth watching.

Taylor R (it) wrote: My favourite movie of all time

Cedric L (kr) wrote: Melancholy but subtly funny and features outstanding dramatic work from comedic actors.

Ocram I (gb) wrote: 70% Scrappy animation, but surprisingly good story line and original funny characters with very decent dialogue.