Julie and Jack

Julie and Jack

A computer chip salesman dates a software designer in a virtual reality program.

A computer chip salesman dates a software designer in a virtual reality program. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex B (it) wrote: If you can't stand the heat stop to trying to smell what Dwayne Johnson is cooking in the kitchen

David B (fr) wrote: Worst film I have ever seen. Completely awful plot with no sense of story whatsoever. Acting is as you would expect for a straight to video film. But worst of all... Steven Seal is obviously dubbed throughout half the film (swapping between real and dubbed intermittently). Avoid at all costs.

Hobie P (kr) wrote: Spooky location but that wasn't enough to make up for this useless film

Justin O (gb) wrote: This movie should've went down with the ship, er, sub.

Michael W (ru) wrote: Kieslowski takes a really dark look at equality in what can only be described as revenge. While it can't live up to Blue, White is truly a fantastic film with some real humor and some real sorrow.

Oscar G (ru) wrote: Una pelcula que ya es una leyenda.

Kandy K (br) wrote: I don't know what it is about this movie, but OMG does it turn me on!

HDTGM W (it) wrote: Just awful. No redeeming qualities. There is no hook, and the result is something comparable to watching paint dry, if the paint were full of distracting plastic surgery. So many irrelevant musical numbers, I started fast forwarding through them. 2 HOURS?! It really wants to be Moulin Rouge. It isn't.

Ian R (nl) wrote: Well, there's a lot of guns being shot, things blowing up, and people getting wasted so there's that. Seagal is shot very unflatteringly in his close ups, looking really haggered and old... which I guess he is now. He also has trouble kicking above the waist, but apart from that is still able to pull of some interesting (if brief) fight scenes. I guess that's what a movie like this is all about.

Aaron A (mx) wrote: A satirical (alarmingly accurate) view on office life. The chances are you will see some of your colleagues in the characters which makes the film funnier. Not as many laugh out loud moments as I was expecting but I definitely enjoyed the film and it's no wonder it was a hit and still referenced to this day.

Jason B (kr) wrote: crap flick badly written

bloody w (it) wrote: sticks and stones may break my bones but this movies stupidity hurts me

James H (gb) wrote: Why?! Oh God why?!?!?!

Ryan T (it) wrote: One of the few well adapted SNL to film skits, Waynes World was Mike Myers at his best. Creative, well developed, lovable characters that related to the audience and still made us laugh with their quirky reactions to awkward situations. Party on!

Jayakrishnan R (fr) wrote: 75%Saw this on 01/9/16Stanley Kramer makes a memorable yet silly comedy film that takes some time to become interesting. Its a nice change of mood for the director after Judgement at Nuremberg and Inherit the wind.

Carrie K (kr) wrote: With 6 /10 review I wasn't expecting much, but what a surprise this film was! A true story of inspiration - it gives us a glimpse into our history of racism, and how a strong, beautifully driven spirit overcame all obstacles while remaining true to himself and his beliefs. Great for the whole family!